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Monday, January 23, 2012

Fit for office???

In August of 2011, Citizen Janice Daniels wrote that governmental representatives must have training and even be licensed and bonded and brilliant about all matters Constitutional and governmental.
Why just lookee here, all her great ideas from one of her many tea party rants, space courtesy of the Oakland Press.

This is an enormous amount of responsibility that we honor those elected representatives with, and yet the men and women who take an Oath to protect and defend the United States Constitution and/or State Constitutions have absolutely zero requirements to have any level of knowledge of those constitutions or the founding documents that support them. Some of us believe that this is a big part of the regulatory problem in this country and the time has come to fix it.
Our fix is called Public Act 1 – Constitutional Compliance. This initiative states that all officers are to have a similar level of scrutiny, testing, bonding and licensing requirements for verification of their ability to perform the duties of their elected offices or public trust before placing their names on a ballot for election or before consideration for appointment or otherwise to an office where they are required to take an oath to the State and/or National Constitution. Just to keep things honest, there will be a provision within this law that precludes government officials from giving themselves any right to seek waiver or to redefine the rules set up for these educational and licensing requirements, which will be administered solely by the private sector.
Our desire with PA-1 is that we will force our elected representatives to learn about the constitutional checks and balances placed upon the three branches of government that were designed to limit each others power. Our goal is to reverse the current trend of these three branches simply being three difference colored foxes all supposedly guarding the same citizenry hen house.

Imagine, all that written by a woman who every meeting proves she knows nothing about budgets, nothing about staffing, nothing about labor, nothing about laws, and can't even figure out how to run a city council meeting...
I guess she was right. These people should be forced to know something before they take office.
Too bad, as usual, she doesn't listen to her own advice.

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