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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Don't believe the students' description of Janice Daniels' infamous meeting? How about this witness?

She thinks she's a victim, yet she acts like the Queen of Troy, no, the Queen of Hearts -- off with their heads!.
I mean, I've never been a fan of hers, but she has become completely unglued!

from a comment on Troy Patch:
I attended this meeting and must speak out. 
1) the Mayor REQUIRED every attendee to provide their name and address before speaking. This was a scheduled public meeting and the recording was done by her, under her rules. A copy of this tape must be made available through a FOIA request. 
2) I was in attendance to talk about the transit center, not the gay issue. 
3) However, I was astounded by the mayor's attitude and demeaning comments directed toward the youth.. 
4) She attempted to deceive them into thinking she was fulfilling her prior promise to participate in a THS Anti-bulllying event by bragging that she would be proposing her own City Sponsored event focusing exclusively on suicide prevention. 
5) The youth told her she was not fulfiling her earlier promise. The Mayor became agressive. 
6) During this discussion, her words about the "risks" of a gay lifestyle were presented. 
7) While I don't remember her exact words, the intent of her words were VERY clear. She talked about bringing in experts to explain the dangers of "that lifestyle". 
8) The Mayor then complained (for the third time) that it was she who was the victum, suffering from bullying and disrespect and minimizing the hurt she had inflicted on our youth. 
9) With a front row seat to all of this, I was impressed with the control and respect these kids showed for a Mayor, who frankly has done nothing to earn it. 
I am proud of these bright kids. They are amazing. I was ashamed of our Mayor.

(I didn't use the gentleman's name, but you can see it on the original posting here.)

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  1. Wow, and I thought Hazel Park was full of bigoted rednecks. Janice Daniels is really reinventing Troy in a big way.