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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Does L. Brooks Patterson think Janice is "bizarre?"

As Queen Janice and her detractors continue to argue that we have defined her, comes more word that she is responsible for defining herself (and Troy!?) and she's doing a terrible job.

From a sidebar in an article from today's Crain's Detroit Business.

Patterson to Troy mayor: Think before you speak
Troy Mayor Janice Daniels can salvage her term, Oakland County Executive L. Brooks Patterson said. But to do that, she needs to take a step back and reflect.
Daniels recently has come under fire for making offensive remarks about gays and lesbians and for leading Troy politicians to reject federal funds for a long-planned transit center.
“She's new, and she's stepping on her own feet every month,” Patterson said of Daniels after speaking at a panel at the North American International Auto Show. “She needs to take a deep breath and consider whether her remarks are helping or hurting Troy.”
Patterson said he considers Troy one of the “crown jewels” of Oakland County.
If Daniels doesn't take time to reflect, Patterson said, her term is a lost cause.
“In politics, it's never good to become the story,” he said. “You never want to be considered bizarre.”

Read the whole article here.


  1. Most people think she is bizarre. Why would Brooks be any different?

  2. Everyday, each of us make choices that will in one way or another define us. JD for the past couple years defined and relished, I might add, her role as political pot stirrer. Watch city council meetings from the past 2 years and see a snotty, accusatory and superior tone and rampant lies. She and her supporters had a couple successes and they felt empowered to go a step further each time. Her behavior since becoming mayor shows that by the time she took that chair, she had a hubris that made her feel untouchable. Now, when the citizens of Troy hold a mirror up to her, she blames everyone but herself. Mr. Patterson's warning will fall on deaf ears because she isn't astute enough to be a politician which actually requires listening, learning, compromising, having good relationships even with people you don't agree with and common sense with an ability to read a situation. She doesn't have any of those.

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