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Monday, January 30, 2012

Detroit News: Troy mayor calls gay lifestyle 'dangerous,' but doesn't mention mental illness

The Detroit News coverage of the latest Janice Daniels' scandal.

And as if I have to explain how insulting what she DID say is... This idea of "homosexual lifestyle" is awful and archaic. She said that to a gay woman who is with a life partner and has two children with her. Is THAT the dangerous lifestyle she's alluding to??? To think that gay people all have the same "lifestyle" is stereotypical hogwash, and thus, right up Daniels' alley. And by the way, it's not a lifestyle, it's an orientation.

Tape: Troy mayor calls gay lifestyle 'dangerous,' but doesn't mention mental illness

Troy — While discussing plans for a suicide prevention forum, Mayor Janice Daniels told a diversity-promoting group this month that she would recruit experts to speak about the "dangerous" homosexual lifestyle.
But a newly released audio recording of the meeting reveals Daniels did not call homosexuality a mental illness, as first suggested by one attendee.
The recording of the Jan. 9 exchange occurred during Daniels' office hours at the Troy Community Center. The tape, obtained by The Detroit News through the Freedom of Information Act, includes a heated debate over plans for a suicide and bullying prevention event suggested by members of Troy High School's gay-straight alliance.
The group had been urging Daniels to get involved after she gained national media attention for her use of the word "queer" in a Facebook posting in June 2011.
Skye Curtis, 17, a leader of the student group, initially claimed she heard the mayor say she would recruit a psychiatrist for the event who would explain that homosexuality is a "mental disease." Curtis later said in an online blog that she misheard the mayor's comment. Curtis could not be immediately reached Monday.
In the recording, Daniels told Curtis and Amy Weber, a youth mentor supporting the group, that she was planning to recommend a separate, city-sponsored suicide prevention seminar.
Daniels said she wanted to bring together the city, schools, advocacy organizations and family counselors to "make sure people of all ages never consider suicide as an option."
Weber and the students had shown up for Daniels' office hours to urge her to participate in the youth project after they claimed her use of the gay slur upset some students.
The mayor responded by saying: "If I do, I'm not sure any of you will be satisfied… I will bring in psychiatrists who will tell you that the homosexual lifestyle is dangerous."
Daniels could not be reached Monday.

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