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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Daniels' recommendation for Planning Commission? Another from her coterie of anti-government, anti-Detroit, anti-Chinese gentlemen friends

Another grumpy man?


  1. LOL, Sharon, I was just thinking of this SNL skit earlier this week! Quite an uncanny likeness, huh?

  2. I had to look Mr. Shepke's comment up for myself. Here is the link to the definition. In wartime it was used as a slur. I would say that word is not welcome in our wonderfully diverse community. We can not and must not tolerate bigoted remarks by city officials. We certainly would not want him on the planning commission deciding the fate of Chinese/American business owners in Troy with that kind of rhetoric.

  3. Not to get all paranoid on you, but I'm really starting to question not just Janice's sanity, but her full-on agenda.

    She seems almost desperate now to continue billboarding her associations with people who have exposed their bigotry to the world in front of audiences like the council chambers. David Wisz, for one, now Shepke, who she is actually promoting for a spot on the planning commission? Are you kidding me? (Concerned Citizen is right, "chi-com" is a Korean War-era slur). Ms. Daniels has clearly shown her own bigotry with the "queers" facebook comment and the ensuing debacle and shame turned on Troy by her has apparently taught her nothing.

    Who is this woman who is so tone-deaf and so desperate? What is her agenda, and is it being fed to her by handlers who want to see the multicultural population of Troy driven out or at the very least, marginalized in some way?

    If there isn't a wave of Troy's Asian citizens at the next council meeting shouting in anger over this, I can only hope it's because they don't yet know what's going on.

  4. It's bad enough just on the racism front. But there is a potential financial impact to this kind of talk. Did you hear the Korean American lawyer at the council meeting? If the council didn't approve the license of a business under suspicion for prostitution, they would sue the city because "there is known bigotry here". That related directly to Janice's behavior. Now we have the Chi-Com comment that also adds fuel to the fire. While I don't believe the woman is being hararssed because she is Korean, one can certainly understand the cloud of doubt this leaves and it opens the door for anyone arrested, denied a job, denied any kind of license, etc. to sue Troy for discrimination. Because that is how our mayor and her friends roll. Oh, and add in her avoidance of the MLK day celebration to this mix. This was unthinkable just 6 months ago!!

  5. I believe there is a Chinese American Cultural center on 14 Mile Road in Troy. They should be alerted to this and have the chance to speak out for or against someone who throws around the word "Chi-Com", along with code phrases that express racism against African Americans.

    1. Fortunately the Chinese Community Center is in Madison Heights where they WELCOME Asian businesses - check out their Vietnamese stores and restaurants.

  6. With all due respect... The word chicom in all the references I checked (including the urban dictionary) did not make reference to the term being used in a derogatory manner. It was used in war time, and by all references looks like it developed in the viet nam war and was used to describe communist Chinese that helped the north Vietnamese in the war effort. The military often uses acronyms and abbreviations for descriptions. But why let the truth worry you when trying to defame a neighbor and the mayor. This sickens me.

  7. You didn't check very far. Rush Limbaugh uses it as a slur on Chinese people.
    Limbaugh On China: "They're ChiComs. They're Liars. Just Like Our Liberals, They Lie
    "Guess you didn't look very far.

    Gordon talked about borrowing money from the Chicoms. DId he mean the US borrowed money from Chinese soldiers? Chinese during the Vietnam War?
    What you are saying doesn't make sense. It's a modern-day Limbagh/Fox News slur - plain and simple.