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Monday, January 9, 2012

Daniels asks a snide question

In a resolution regarding the fire department, mayor Daniels asked, "How many pages of regulations come with this?"
Szerlag answers like the professional he is, "I don't know how many pages there are but perhaps the chief can tell us."
"That was just rhetorical," says Daniels, "I don't need an answer. I'm going to vote yes anyway."
I guess she was just making snide jokes. So professional.
Truth is she is just aching to always babble her anti-government rhetoric, it must be so hard for her to be in the government.


  1. The fire chief was walking into the council room to answer her question. Then she said it was rhetorical, so he turned around.

  2. How about when Dane Slater in his recitation of how his resolution came about referred to her as Ms. Daniels, and she interjected "Mayor Daniels". Me thinks the ego is showing there!

    Also after her long 15 minute speech, the council members (including cronies Tietz and Henderson) seemed stunned. When Campbell wanted to say something, she effectively said (parahprasing here) "no one can speak after me"...ah, harks after the queen from Alice in Wonderland!

    The transit center, the q-word is the least of our problems, this person is torpedoing our city government. We need to get rid of her and fast before more damage is done.