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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Troy Schools Need Police Liaison Officers

 from Rhonda
            Trying to wrap my head around the devastating murder of innocents in Connecticut has been especially difficult during this season of what is supposed to be a loving, sharing and giving time of year. Going to Troy High school this month and enjoying the band, orchestra and choir concerts and seeing the talented students and dedicated teachers brings the loss into sharp relief.  The lives of Newtown 6 year olds that will never be.
            While the country, the White House and school districts consider how to make our citizens and children safer, I hope that they will consider all issues that create these tragedies. Troy Police Chief Mayer spoke at the council meeting the other night about how the TPD is working with the Troy School District to have additional safety measures in place. That is reassuring.
            But having worked in the Troy High School main office briefly and in Niles High School, I cannot emphasize enough the importance of the presence of a police liaison officer. The in-school officers in the high schools were dropped in down economic times. However, there are some things that are just worth whatever it costs. This is one of them.
            The officers are incredible. They have the pulse of what is going on in and out of the school setting. They are on top of potential danger and trained in dealing with stressful, life threatening situations. While I was at THS, the officer helped to save the life of a parent who we determined over the phone might be having a heart attack in his home. I was so grateful that the officer was in the school at the moment I took that call and was able to get help for the parent and save him. It was awe-inspiring.
            Then there was the incident when a caller threatened a Troy elementary school over the phone and said a gunman was in the building. The Troy Police department secured the school in minutes and tracked the caller down in a matter of hours and arrested the person. This is excellent police work. It is necessary to our sense of security.
            How do we find a way to make the liaison officers a part of our schools again? I trust that there will be all versions of safety protocols for schools, parents and visitors, even greater than there are today. City government will discuss police staffing levels and costs in budget sessions. As a parent I ask what price can we put on our children’s and our family’s safety?
            These police liaison officers presence offer a comfort to students in today’s scary times (even thought they may not admit it) and is surely a comfort to staff. Campus aides perform a function in the building, certainly. But there is no substitute for a police officer. I do not want to debate gun control here. Suffice to say that if someone is going to be armed in a school, my money is on the trained professional from the Troy Police Department. I hope the school district can find a way to put them back in the schools where they play a vital role in the safety of our school communities.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Bad leaders protect their turf with recall "reform"

It's a damn good thing we recalled Janice Daniels when we did. Teapublicans in the state legislature want to make buyer's remorse more difficult to fix. As in the case with Janice Daniels, when voters in Michigan and the around the country get a good understanding of the tea party yahoos they've elected, they often want to get rid of them, just as we did.
But last week the tea party folks in Lansing tightened up the rules -- a lot -- to make it really hard to get rid of the bad politicians.
These are the people who have the GALL to tell you they care about the right's of the voters. They (read the Bob Gosselins and Glenn Clarks) want one thing only -- unlimited power not tainted by desires of the people.

from the Detroit News

Lawmaker recalls

Legislation aimed at making it harder to recall elected officials passed both houses under the protests of Democrats.

The legislation would shorten the number of days in which petition signatures can be gathered from 90 to 60, and limit the number of recall attempts to one per lawmaker per term.

"This is going to make it virtually impossible to recall someone," said Byrum, who is term-limited. "I question the timing of this legislation -- not that it's 2:30 in the morning (Friday), but that it's the lame-duck session."

Supporters of election reform said it's needed to allow politicians to vote their consciences without having to worry about being recalled. All but one Democrat -- Sen. John Gleason of Flushing -- voted against the reforms, saying the right of recall is part of the Democratic process.

Sen. Tupac Hunter, D-Detroit, called the legislation "cowardly, selfish, downright swinefully arrogant."

Like right-to-work legislation passed Tuesday, Senate Minority Leader Gretchen Whitmer claimed Republicans were rushing it through to avoid public scrutiny.

"You're trying to inoculate yourselves against recall," said Whitmer, D-East Lansing. "You should be ashamed of yourselves."

"Small government" Troy conservatives hand power back to state

from Linda


Residents of Troy, beware! Most of the residents have started to wake up, but we still need to help those who haven’t.

Wednesday, I sat in Judge Langford Morris’s courtroom and listened and watched while the Show Cause Hearing in the Secretary of State’s lawsuit against Troy was taking place.

A little background; our city operates under Home Rule, as do many other cities. In a nutshell, this means that the city operates under its municipal charter and also becomes solely responsible for registration of voters and for conduct of all election within its boundaries.

Here is a little background on Home Rule from the Michigan Municipal League.

The 1908 state constitution and in particular Article VIII, Section 21, gave the electors of each city and village the ability to frame and adopt a charter and “pass all laws and ordinances relating to its municipal concerns, subject to the constitution and general laws of this state.”

As noted by the Constitutional Convention of 1907 through its “Address to the People” the idea was to give each city or village the ability “to frame, adopt and amend those charter provisions which have reference to their local concerns.” . . . .“each municipality is the best judge of its local needs and the best able to provide for its local necessities.”

In 1963, Michigan citizens approved a new constitution which included many of the home rule provisions . . . .while Article VII, Section 34 seems to strengthen the hand of local control by stating that “The provisions of this constitution and law concerning counties, townships, cities and villages shall be liberally construed in their favor.”

Much as in 1908, convention comments from the drafting of the 1963 constitution indicate the idea was to give local units of government a broad framework by which to operate. The comments describe Article VII, Section 34 as “a new section intended to direct the courts to give a liberal or broad construction to statutes and constitutional provisions concerning all local governments.”

So, why sue Troy? Read the following and see if you can see a common thread here.
After the recall, City Council held a study session to appoint an interim Mayor until our next election date of November, 2013, per our city charter. It was quite clear that councilman Wade Fleming desperately wanted to be the one. Unfortunately, he wasn’t chosen. Thus, began the fun and games.

Coincidentally, soon after, the Secretary of State threatens to sue Troy indicating State law presides over our charter and ultimately does sue.

Many of you have heard of Robert Davis, the political activist from Highland Park that goes around making a career out of suing for various things. Well, he jumped on the bandwagon and also sued Troy and was in court today. Guess who was right there giving him and his attorney paperwork and information on Troy? Dan Brake! Remember him? He’s running for mayor. Not only was Brake offering misinformation, but he was also helping brew another theory from the minds of the Gosselin/Clark show.

Concerned Troy Citizens “are Troy residents, business owners & activists who are concerned about the direction that certain public officials want to move our city to.” and they are fighting “for common-sense values in Troy City Hall --- rid of the special interests that want bigger government, higher taxes and unnecessary spending that results in diminishing our core services like police, fire and roads.”

They are the Gosselin/Clark show just like TCU, just another change of name. Well, they were pushing hard for a February election and were also in court. They wanted Ed Kempen or Dan Brake for Mayor. They have known our process for replacing the mayor for a while now. If this group is concerned about big government and spending, why are they so adamant about a special election and suing the city of Troy? POWER! They lost their Tea Party candidate in the recall and need a fix.

Glenn Clark was all over the media today inferring he represented the citizens of Troy and he is glad there will be a special election, the citizens deserve it. What the citizens don’t deserve is Glenn Clark.

Bob Gosselin, the Oakland County Commissioner, was also right there with Brake and Clark. He can’t be left out of anything that may manage to help his guys get their power back.

These guys were all over the attorney for the Secretary of State and the reporters like bees on honey. It was so blatantly obvious that they were pushing this, that it was disgusting. Now, they will tell you that they did it for you!

Yes, the Gosselin/Clark show, is brought to you by a power hungry group that will tell you anything THEY think you want to hear.. They will pull out the fear card, tell you not to believe anything that has been supported by fact because it just isn’t so and will use the smoke and mirrors, conspiracy theories, blame the recall group, and what other low, scheming methods they can come up with, just to regain POWER and take back THEIR city.

Well, I have said my piece and this is OUR city! I am very upset today because the Home Rule City act has just been thrown under the bus and those masquerading as “Concerned Troy Citizens” helped to push it there. The recall laws are not exactly clear and in need of clarification. As one of the defense attorneys said today, if Sonny Elliot said it was sunny, it was clear and blue sky outside. The same for “foggy” and “stormy”. Well, if he were in court today, he would say it is “foggy and stormy.”

I’ve not heard of any other municipal recall that received such “special treatment” from the Secretary of State. What is additionally baffling is that Chris Thomas, Director of Elections implied he read about our process in the newspaper. In today’s hearing, the attorney for the Secretary of State said “the State does not follow city elections.” She went on to say that the “public interest is in the State’s favor.” What public? Gosselin, Clark, Brake, Dr. Ross and Janice’s attorney. (Yes, Dr. Ross was also hounding everyone today.) So why the lawsuit? You be the judge. From the conversations I overhead today, the fat lady hasn’t sung yet.

These guys are on a roll; trying to push their agenda by implying misconduct of others, etc.

I haven’t given up on our fine city. On the contrary, I am on a mission to make sure that all residents are fully educated on this and each and every issue in the city. Please join me in telling all your friends and neighbors the truth from Troy. This should not be limited to Troy residents. This group’s reach extends beyond our city limits. Tell everyone you can about the disastrous deeds that this so-calling “concerned” group has wreaked on our city and plans to continue doing. Don’t give up, fight back!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Yes, Doug Tietz DOES have major conflicts of interest as a Troy city councilman!

Heavens! Concerned Troy Citizens has caught those wicked people at TRUST in a LIE! Just read below! 

Wow! CTC sure caught TRUST up to no good! TRUST had to respond to explain why they told an absolute... TRUTH.

And then to prove they were telling the truth they supplied the proof.

So how do the critics of TRUST respond to this? How do they feel that CTC was wrong?

It just shows that to some people facts and truth simply don't matter. It's all about the game to them.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Dan Brake - The Man Who Would Be Mayor

Ah, Dan Brake.
He wants to be mayor. See him below. Looking like a leader at a library funding debate. He said "Don't fund it!" He joked the library wasn't a library at all - just a football.
Ha. Ha. Ha.
And just who is flanking him? Why it's his two political mentors! Bob Gosselin (group shudder) and Janice Daniels (group guffaw).

Mr. Brake wants to mayor sooo very badly that he was among the folks, if not the one and only, who started this whole election disaster. See for yourself.
And for all Tietz chatter at tonight's city council meeting about who is only speaking to whom... it's interesting that Brake only wrote to Tietz and Henderson...
If you peer at the names Brake Sharpied out, you can see all the names. (Nice going, Mr. Brake -- kinda like giving your check numbers out on YouTube!)

Brake letters

But perhaps the most impressive Mr. Brake has shown himself to be, as he desires to become mayor of our fair city, was tonight at the city council meeting playing Matlock.

Brake: "Aha, city attorney! You claimed you had NOT spoken to the Secretary of State! I hold in my chubby little hand a letter from the SoS's office PROVING that you spoke to them! And I'm using Janice Daniels' words against the city manager to tell you I don't have faith in you, too! And I say checkMATE!"

And then the city attorney responded.
City Attorney: "Yes, it's true that I didn't speak to them. But the city clerk did (ya dim bulb, ya!)."

Because either Brake or those big shot tea party officials in Lansing dont know the difference between a city attorney and a city clerk. Sigh.

Will there be a day we remember Janice Daniels as one of the more intelligent TCU-ers to seek office?

Friday, November 30, 2012

So naive

On Monday I thought that things were so happy in Troy.
I mean, sure the wicked man behind the curtain -- Troy's political boss Bob Gosselin -- was doing his best to drag our city into court to try to guarantee he gets who he wants on council and for mayor -- but I was thrilled that Doug Tietz and Dave Henderson acted like gentlemen at the meeting.
But now I wonder at my own naivete.
Now it seems to me like they acted so sympathetic to Mayor Slater because they knew exactly what the county and state had in store for our fair city. That's because they get the memos from Bob Gosselin. And the fix is in.
The people of Troy are Bob Gosselin's little political playground. We are all just his bit players. We didn't know what was going to happen.
Doug Tietz knew that even though the county clerk's office apparently agreed with our city attorney's interpretation of state guidelines on the replacement of a recalled mayor (the state says that mayoral seats vacated for every conceivable reason may be replaced in November, but they forgot to mention the case of a recall, so now they claim that's COMPLETELY DIFFERENT!), the county was going to make an end run around out city attorney and beg the state to order us to have an election in February, at great cost to us.
Why would Tietz know that? Because he works for the county clerk -- Bill Bullard, who is a friend of Bob Gosselin and was recently voted OUT of office. Neither Tietz nor Bullard have anything to lose, I guess.
But there was a glimmer of sanity in my reaction to the council meeting. It occurred to me that Tietz and Henderson and maybe Fleming knew something the rest of council, and the rest of Troy, didn't. Maureen McGinnis mentioned that during the meeting as well.
My question is, if the county and state and Doug Tietz knew this would be the result of the recall, mightn't they have shared that information with the people of Troy before the election?
Or did they want Janice Daniels gone, too?

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Mayoral wannabes -- Ed Kempen and Dan Brake -- acting like jerks

Dan Brake and Ed Kempen try to apply to run for mayor in the last 15 minutes before a non-deadline to run in a non-election that is not occurring (so far) in February.

(Howrylak used to do the same thing--always file at the last second, always with Papa Gosselin the Tea Party Kingmaker, at his side.)

It's a lovely video. You can see most of the TCU leaders and soldiers who fought saving the library and placed 3 fake library proposals on the ballot back in 2010. These are the great cheating politicians of Troy. A rogues' gallery of the men who brought you the disastrous tax cap that thrust Troy into financial chaos and who have lied and twisted their way into every scandal since.

As a counterpoint, please read the city attorney's letter in response to the SoS claim that Troy MUST hold an election in Troy. It's on Patch here.

How about being patient? How about letting this situation get resolved. How about not trashing Troy for 5 minutes while this gets fixed.

But no.

Here they are again. Pushing their way in. Acting like obnoxious fools. Cheating. As usual.

Bob Gosselin is on camera talking to someone. He mentions how he had been talking to the (recently defeated) county clerk -- Bill Bullard -- a close friend of his and COUNCILMAN DOUG TIETZ'S BOSS! Then he gets on the phone with some unnamed person, comically, in front of the "No cell phone sign."

See this for what it really is. They were playing a stunt and trying to get Dan Brake and Ed Kempen to be the ONLY candidates for mayor running in February. But there IS NO election in February. Not yet. They thought they might be able to BULLY OUR CITY STAFF INTO ACCEPTING THEIR APPLICATIONS. But our city staff members are wise. They walked away.

But these creeps, these friends of Janice Daniels, these anti-library, anti-Troy nutcases are using their Tea Party political connections (Oakland County Clerk and Secretary of State) to try to hold their death grip political control of Troy, especially since the majority of  voters recalled their beloved mayor Janice Daniels.

Quite an image, isn't it? All these men running in and threatening these women, standing around, breaking rules, being loud and bossy and trying to cheat us all by having only Brake and Kempen to choose from -- for MAYOR!!!!

They want to be honored with elected office? I hope Troy voters have outgrown any interest in this kind of behavior on the city council or in the mayor's office.

And remember! They are trying to FORCE A $50,000 special election on Troy. WHY? If we wait just a few months the mayoral election will be absorbed by the election that is already PAID FOR. So why are Gosselin and Co. begging all their high-placed friends and calling in all their political favors to spend 50 grand of YOUR money?

I guess it's because the election showed them that in November, when most of Troy voters are paying attention and getting out to vote, they have a lower tolerance for these partisan, Tea Party game players (like Daniels). If they are to get Dan Brake or Ed Kempen into office, they'll NEVER do it in November. Too many people are paying attention. They have to sneak them into office in February just after a bruising recall campaign, just like they tried to sneak them onto the ballot in this video.

Let's end this type of political gamesmanship in Troy.

If Dr. Michael T. Ross (running for city council), Ed Kempen (running for city council and mayor), Bob Gosselin, Dan Brake (running for mayor), Ray Watts (ran the anti-recall campaign) and all the other men in this video succeed in spending your hard-earned money in February, PLEASE do not reward them by VOTING for them.

They haven't earned our trust. They have earned only our scorn and disgust.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Day 2 of Council Behaving Nicely

November 27, 2012 at 7:10 pm
Troy's new mayor calls transit center's start 'a great day'

From The Detroit News: — Local, state and federal officials broke ground Tuesday on a controversial, federally funded transit center, a project some believe helped lead to the recall this month of former Mayor Janice Daniels.

"This is a great day for Troy," newly appointed Mayor Dane Slater told about 100 people assembled for the groundbreaking. "It's time to stop pitting against each other and to move forward. We don't need the negativity that has been received by the city."

The $6.3 million transit center, which could open within a year, will be built on a 2.4-acre site south of Maple and west of Coolidge.

The 28,000-square-foot facility will replace an old Amtrak station and include a waiting area, public restrooms, extra parking and a pedestrian bridge over the tracks to the Amtrak platform.

The transit center could be operational by October 2013, according to Slater. It will handle rail, bus, taxi and future light-rail service in the city, planners said.

Supporters of the project believe it is essential to making rail travel more passenger friendly in the area and encourage more rail travel.

Among those celebrating the groundbreaking was U.S. Rep. Gary Peters, D-Bloomfield Township, who said it is an important step in a regional transit plan to increase ridership between Pontiac and Chicago, and beyond.

Read more here:
From The Detroit News:

Preserving the Will of the People

Much has been made over the last several months about preserving the will of the people as it related to the recall of (now ousted) controversial Troy Mayor Janice Daniels. Apparently the idea is that the open spot should be filled with a Daniels look-alike, politically speaking.

Specifically, Troy Patch blogger Dale Murrish has said REPEATEDLY that council MUST preserve the "power balance" of a 4-3 "fiscal Conservative" majority. He says decision makers must respect the MINORITY voice of those who wanted to keep Janice Daniels in office.  Never mind that council should respect ALL Troy voters.  Never mind that the Troy City Council is meant to be a non-partisan coalition. Never mind that we haven't really seen 4-3 votes since this new council was seated.

Never mind that his entire argument is pretty silly anyway...there was a reason the majority voted to get rid of her.  Why would we replace her with a clone??

Furthermore, Councilman Dave Henderson said just today on his Facebook page that his desire for the open council spot is to "choose someone that maintains the will of the people as stated in the November 2011 election that saw three fiscal conservatives riding the wave of the tax battle discontent."

There's one glaring problem with all of this: the electorate voted Janice Daniels in AS AN INDEPENDENT.  Local papers quoted her as saying she was not only independent, but a political newcomer.  She herself stated she was independent.  It was in her campaign literature and in her candidate bio in the Troy Times -- a publication from which a great majority of residents takes their information.

It was only after Janice Daniels was in office did her far-right, Tea Party, overly-personal ideology come to light to a large majority of Troy voters.  And once they knew it, they embraced the efforts to recall her.

That made one thing clear.  

The will of the people is to have AN INDEPENDENT, MODERATE VOICE.  The recall proved that what Troy DIDN'T want someone as partisan as Janice Daniels representing them.  Many of us ARE ALSO fiscally conservative.  But we are gifted with the ability to evaluate issues on their own merits, not simply on our myopic vision and/or party identification.  Daniels couldn't. 

We don't need someone new like that.

Councilman Henderson states that choosing the person to represent us on council is the "bigger test" of our governing body's ability to work together. In addition to preserving the will of the voters of Troy, he's looking for wisdom as the six members work this out.

So are we, Mr. Henderson.  Let's hope we're all defining the terms in the same way.

Monday, November 26, 2012

No class department? Who is trying to benefit from faux controversy?

Now back to the usual suspects...
Wondering who was trying to benefit from the mysterious, last-minute letter from the State of Michigan?
Ed Kempen (naturally) and Dan Brake -- two of our Tea Party of Troy leaders, power grabbers and big old friends of Janice Daniels.

November 26, 2012 at 7:20 pm
Troy office turns away 2 seeking to run for mayor in February
By Candice Williams
The Detroit News

Troy — Two people tried Monday to file to run for mayor of Troy in February, but city officials refused to accept the petitions.

The action by residents Dan Brake and Edward Kempen occurred amidst controversy over when the city must conduct an election to fill the term of recalled Mayor Janice Daniels.

Earlier this month, City Council chose Mayor Pro Tem Dane Slater to serve as acting mayor until the next general election in November 2013, when someone would be elected to fill the last two years of Daniels' term.

From The Detroit News:

Class at last

I can't complain.
I think the council was extremely classy tonight.
...Even brave.
All of them.
Congratulations, Troy.

The audience was a bit scary, but that's OK.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Don't give up on Troy -- Fight Back!

from Linda

Recently, a friend of mine asked if I was pleased with having been successful with the recall. My reply was, of course, yes. However, it goes beyond the fact that we removed someone who was inept and an embarrassment to our fine city. It awakened many citizens who had fallen into the state of "unconscious voting." I had also been in that state for many years. I would vote a straight Republican ticket. For the non-partisan positions, I would briefly, if ever, look at the newspapers right before going to vote, read a little, look at the names and pick which one I felt "sounded good." Well, no more. Living in Troy has really opened my eyes to the importance of not only my vote, but the diligence required to make a sound decision in casting that vote. It is unfortunate that many of us take the privilege to vote for granted and use it haphazardly. This is evidenced by many of our elected leaders at all levels.

Based on the behavior and beliefs of the group led by Gosselin/Clark, I can’t say I am looking forward to any of the future elections. We all know that we will have the same garbage to deal with during the campaigns. The lies, manipulating, covert actions that led to the past debacles on council. These were the same candidates that cost the city money for the Hooters lawsuit threat, tax cap (sold as a “tax cut”), fake library proposals, not to mention other fiascos. What is ironic is this preceded the election of Janice Daniels and the aftermath we are experiencing. We have to continue to stand up to this group.

Having said this, we still need to continue on our mission to educate the citizens of Troy and keep them awake and sound the alarm to awaken those that are still in the “unconscious” state when it comes to what is happening in their city. We did very well, (in spite of the anti-recall gang) in getting our message out. Let’s keep it going.

As a Republican, I have always voted a straight ticket until this last election. Not any more. Now, I WILL NOT VOTE for a Republican if I know that they are unqualified, unethical and unprofessional and do not have my best interests at heart. I know many would call me a RINO for this, but think about it. Does electing someone like Janice Daniels put a positive spotlight on the Republican Party and what it stands for? Or, to the contrary, does it shed a dark shadow on the individual and the party they are representing? I will not, under any circumstances, be a hypocrite to my beliefs and vote for someone just because they belong to my party. Call me whatever you want, but the writing is on the wall.

What does this mean? Am I truly not a Republican? No, I am a Republican who wants the party to put forth individuals who have the qualities I have outlined above. It is time for our party to help us put an end to this gang and their egregious tactics, all in the name of power and nothing more. We currently have a Republican County Commissioner who has an immoral past, owes property taxes and who knows what else. Is this someone you want representing you? Well he does. YOU RE ELECTED HIM! So is it okay for him to say, “do as I say, not as I do?” I want respectable individuals in office.

I also encountered a former Oakland County Commissioner (who, by the way had the the help of the aforementioned one in getting appointed.) During this encounter, I was sitting in a meeting listening quietly. He came into the meeting, grabbed my arm to pull me around and started taking my picture with his cell phone and yelling at me. He kept saying, “go home you RINO, we don’t want you here. Go back to your union friends, etc.” He not only did this in the meeting room, but followed me down the hall and into the parking lot. Is this who you want representing you? Well, he is one of the spokesmen for the group that wants the State involved in our city business.

This group also preaches small government. Remember Janice making this statement religiously like a puppet? Well, is having the State involved small government? Again, do as I say, not as I do? They claim to be fiscally responsible. Is forcing the issue of a special election at a cost to the taxpayers being fiscally responsible? Do as they say, not as they do. Other municipalities have gone through a recall and not received a letter from Lansing. Sound suspicious? What happens if the State decides we need a special election? Does that negate what those municipalities have done to date? This latest fiasco with the letter from the State and this gang’s support to push this forward, rather than agree with our City Attorney’s opinion, is nothing more than their trying to invalidate the recall and try to gain “control” of council once again. I say, NO MORE!

The Republican Party lost Oakland County during this past election and I cannot help but think it is due to the tactics of this group of power mongers. The Party needs to step up and pay more attention to what is happening in our area. Some have, but not enough. We need to write those in the party and tell them that we want qualified, ethical and professional candidates that will represent us with integrity and do what is in our best interests.

Locally, as Troy citizens, we need to continue to spread the facts. The facts with back up documentation. Troy citizens deserve to live in one of (I think it is THE FINEST) cities anywhere. A city that welcomes everyone, is one of the most diverse in the State, has the finest schools, the finest quality of life amenities, one of the lowest tax rates in Oakland County, the finest municipal employees, is one of the safest cities to live in and one that they are proud to call home!

Bob Gosselin's probable endgame?

Here' a comment I wouldn't want you to miss, about the likely endgame of the folks who have brought so much misery to Troy -- Bob Gosselin, Glenn Clark, Michael T. Ross, Wade Fleming and Dave Henderson -- and what they are trying to do with this disgusting power play that requires them BEG the State of Michigan to, in Gosselin's words, "come down on the city of Troy.”

AnonymousNovember 24, 2012 7:14 PMI’d like to preface my comment by saying I have no idea what Gosselin and his crew are planning, but here is some speculation:
When Janice was recalled, the Gosselin/TCU crew no longer held a majority on council and the split council would never agree to replace the open position with someone from the TCU crew. Therefore, an election is desired in order to give the TCU crew a chance to regain a majority of the council. What is even more desirable about this election scenario is that this election would be conducted at a time that would likely have low voter turnout, which unfortunately favors the TCU crew. TCU has a more focused leadership, is better funded and has a base that is better organized and more likely to vote than the citizens who are just looking for someone to run Troy in the best interest of the Troy residents. Remember when turnout was 20%, even a candidate as weak as Daniels got elected. 
If TCU succeeds in getting a new election, expect to see a candidate to come out of the woodwork quickly. This candidate will share the same beliefs as Daniels, but will be smart enough to keep his/her foot out of his/her mouth.
This works out to be a no lose situation for TCU. If the likely opposing candidates to their candidate (McGinnis/Slater) both run, they will split the vote and the TCU candidate will win. If McGinnis or Slater win, they’re no worse off than they are now.
If this election scenario happens, let’s hope some of the people who were awakened to the dynamics of Troy politics thanks to Janice Daniels can rally around a candidate that will be running for office to serve the citizens of Troy, not a narrowly focused ultra conservative interest group.

New Facebook Page

Concerned Troy Citizens - who are all the same old demographic of TCU (i.e., Bob Gosselin's gang of fogeys) have a new Facebook page.
Go see why they're so proud here.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Bob Gosselin - Troy's Enemy Number One

Bob Gosselin prides himself on saving Troy taxpayers money. So why is this Oakland County Commissioner with a police record begging the State of Michigan to sue Troy? Why is he begging the state to force us into an unnecessary, expensive special election to replace his beloved Janice Daniels? Because his politics are more important to him than your money. That's why Gosselin said to the Oakland Press:

“I’ve been talking to the attorney general’s office, and they’re meeting today on this issue,” said Gosselin after the meeting. “They’re trying to make sure their ducks are in a row. But they are going to come down on the city of Troy.”
He said if the attorney general’s office doesn’t sue, citizens probably will, on the grounds that the city allegedly violated state law.

Gee, thanks Bob!

Why does Bob Gosselin want Michigan to sue ME AND YOU? Apparently he objects to the fact that our City Attorney Lori Bluhm followed all the necessary rules to decide that following a recall, we the people of the city of Troy would not need to pay $100,000 to have a special election to replace Daniels. Why should we? Who the heck cares?

Gosselin cares.

So does Michael Ross -- the noted homophobe who worked with Janice Daniels trying to create a Marriage Policy in Troy in which people wouldn't be able to get married in Troy churches without forced indoctrination as to how they should conduct their private lives. This is what the "new" Troy group Concerned Troy Citizens (cough, same as the old, disgraced TCU, cough) proudly announced today on its new Facebook page (the old Support Janice Daniels Facebook page -- not kidding):

BREAKING: Citizen Complaint/Request for Michigan Attorney General to Investigate Troy City Council/City Attorney as they Ignore Elections Director Chris Thomas' Legal Advise RE: Replacement of Troy Mayor due to Recall Election Results. 
Good Morning Mr. Hills,
This is an official request for assistance from the Attorney General concerning decision-making by the Troy City Council and City Clerk under advisement of the City Attorney that suggests alarming disrespect for the office of a state elections official and for citizens of Troy accompanied by substantive appearance of possible election fraud.
The attachment details concerning developments arising from the special Troy City Council meeting Wednesday November 21st . I have copied other Troy public officials in an appeal that they will take interest and offer assistance

Michael T. Ross, M.D.
Pct #15 Precinct Republican Delegate
Glenn Clark and Ray Watts use the media
to beg the state to sue Troy. Credit - Troy Patch
It's astonishing!
They are bragging about this!

So, noted friends of Janice Daniels -- Glenn Clark, Michael Ross and Bob Gosselin, supposed advocates of local rights, low taxes and fiscal responsibility -- are pulling out all the stops hoping the state sues US. Oh, and don't forget Ray Watts  - Daniels' campaign manager for the recall campaign. He was also at the "press conference" called on Wednesday that followed the unnecessary "emergency" council meeting called by friends of Janice Dave Henderson and Wade Fleming. Yup. That is the quality of political hacks who are telling the media that Troy sucks and begging the state to hurt us and hurt us bad.

They must be so proud.

But I just want to be sure you all know that this is all, as the British would say -- bullocks. None of it is worth the paper their anti-Troy letters are written on.

Troy City Attorney Lori Bluhm researched Troy's Charter and worked with the Oakland County Clerk's office to conclude that Troy didn't have to have an expensive extra election to replace Janice Daniels. IT IS IN THE INTEREST OF TROY AND ITS TAXPAYERS TO NOT HAVE A SPECIAL ELECTION. IT WILL SAVE US MONEY!

The Secretary of State's office -- the same office that refused to investigate the 3 fake library proposals TCU put on the 2010 ballot (actually, Gosselin bragged to other Oakland County Commissioners that he initiated the fake proposals to kill the library-saving proposal) -- sent an opinion weeks AFTER our election and long after it was possible to put a February election in motion, to tell us we SHOULD have an election in February.

This was not a binding opinion. And no one knows who requested the SoS opinion in the first place. In spite of the fact that all these angry men are pretending that Bluhm should have asked the state, they are wrong. One of them asked for the opinion.
  1. They want to make the legal recall of their friend Janice Daniels appear to be illegitimate, even though it isn't,
  2. They want to make it appear (yet again) that the city cannot be trusted, something that hurts business and property values (why do they hate us all so much???), 
  3. They don't want to give fairly appointed Mayor Slater a moment's peace, and
  4.  They are furious that they lost on the library, they lost on the recall and they are no longer in charge of Troy. 
This is an illegitimate power grab, folks. And it's going to cost us money.

But these bullies are mad. They don't have John Szerlag to smear any more. They don't have Janice Daniels to manipulate and do their dirty work for them any longer. So they have had to crawl out of the dark crevices they dwell in, out into the light of day and do the dirty work for themselves. God knows, they are not doing it for Troy.

But what I want to know is, what's the end game?

Do they want to sue to have Janice Daniels reinstated?

Is this about trying to trick us all and sneak a candidate in under the wire?

I was fascinated when Daniels fan and TCU/Tea Party supporter Dan Brake announced at the special council meeting on Wednesday that he had gone to the clerk's office to demand application(s) to run for mayor!!!! Who was he getting them for, one wonders. Himself? Ed Kempen? Wade Fleming? Janice Daniels?

Just who is it that these fans of Janice Daniels want to foist upon Troy as their Act II? I tremble at the very thought.

Dan Brake was scandalized that he couldn't get an application. But, Dan. That's because there is no February election.

At least there won't be one unless those "fiscally responsible" yahoos succeed in forcing one.

Go visit these yahoos over at their Facebook page and tell them what you think.

And then tell the media and the city council.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Will the fun never end?

Troy City Council Calls Special Meeting on Mayoral Replacement Procedure
Council will meet Wednesday at 2 p.m. at Troy City Hall.
By Jen Anesi
Troy City Council will meet this Wednesday at 2 p.m. in the council boardroom at Troy City Hall to review and discuss "the conflicting requirements of the Troy Charter and State Election Law regarding the appointment of a replacement of the Mayor position and the process to fill that position's remaining term (until November 2015)."
The purpose of the meeting is also "to discuss and determine whether an alternate course of action needs to be pursued." According to Troy City Attorney Lori Grigg Bluhm, one of the suggested alternate courses would be a February special election to elect a new mayor.
“We are not comfortable having a February election because that would require us to violate some of our charter provisions," Bluhm said. "It's not enough notice."
The meeting was called at the request of councilmen Wade Fleming and Dave Henderson.

Hmm, those two, eh?
Read more here.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

To Sum Up...

Throughout the last two years, this blog has served as a way to educate, inform and summarize what has been happening.

Hundreds of entries...thousands of words...hundreds of thousands of hits to the site.

Valiant attempts to relate it to the reader.

In one fell swoop, Jeff Watrick did what I've tried to do many times...only he did it better.  Here is an excerpt from a longer piece on Deadline Detroit:

Daniels and her supporters wanted to make Troy a culture wars battleground. But they also wanted the quiet, comfortable existence that Douglas Coupland called “the life of children of the children of pioneers.”

That have-it-both-way attitude proved to be their undoing. When the inevitable pushback came, when they were told Daniels couldn’t tell lies to high school students and pretend it’s science, that Daniels couldn’t use Troy as a venue to rage against the political managerial class, she and her supporters behaved like the wounded grandchildren of pioneers. They were raised to too much comfort to react appropriately to the adversarial nature of big-time politics.

Normal political criticisms were treated as devastatingly unfair personal attacks. Legal democratic processes were confused with assaults on their liberties. Expectations of professional behavior were perceived as unfair criticism of a political neophyte.

Politics, particularly the politics of the culture wars, ain’t beanbag. Thomas Jefferson paid a pamphleteer to write that John Adams, once his friend and ally in revolution, had a “hideous hermaphroditical character, which has neither the force and firmness of a man, nor the gentleness and sensibility of a woman.” Given such a precedent, it’s hard to feel sorry for Janice Daniels because a Patch commenter called her a witch

These people wanted to be politically bold and transformative without muss and fuss history tells us comes with bold and transformative politics.

What Daniels’ opponents understood and what Daniels and her supporters so completely failed to grasp is that Troy could become a hotbed of ideological politics or it can remain be a charmed and prosperous American middle-class suburb where (again quoting Coupland) politics, the hardball kind, “existed in elsewhere in a televised non-paradise.”  

The majority or Troy voters chose the charmed prosperity—a return to normalcy—over Daniels’ petit bourgeoisie Jacobinism.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Wanting peace

I know it's easy for me to say, but I want peace now.
This tug-o-war in Troy has been going on for a while.
I plugged into it in February of 2010, when the millage increase failed.
I became more and more angry as JD and others fought against saving the library. They won again that November, defeating Proposal 1.
We have all won and lost.
There's a stalemate now, I hope.
JD has lost and Howrylak has won. It's an odd outcome that tells us it's time for a truce.
I agree with Janice Daniels about one thing. She said somewhere this week that her detractors didn't dislike her for her views but for her style.
That's true.
I'm sure many members of city council share her belief system. But when it's irrelevant to the current management and future good of our city, they keep it to themselves.
Janice couldn't do that.
The mayor, who was to be primarily the ceremonial face of Troy, could not keep her social moralistic opinions to herself, endangering Troy, our property values, our retail businesses, and our relationships with other entities.
But she is gone.
I hope we can all call a truce, now. Certainly all of the city council members look forward to a day when the same old people stop coming to the council meeting mic and saying the same old thing over and over and over again.
They want to get the city's business done and go home to their families.
I don't want to be a watchdog of the council and mayor any longer either. I want to do better, nicer things.
After 2.5 years, I want my life back.
I hope, pray and truly BELIEVE that the current council is going to do the right thing and choose people who do just want to get along, who do want to get the work done and go home.
They know how very important it is to help Troy heal and win back the trust of the citizens.
It's time for peace.

And About Recalls...

I know there has been much screaming in the streets, gnashing of teeth and general all around hysteria about recalls in some sectors.  So I feel it only fair to share the following with you:


Very hard.  It's terribly difficult to even get a recall issue on a ballot, for one thing.  You have to have a reason, obviously...but even before THAT, you have to have interest in the reason.

Then you need signatures.  And not just a few.  Have you ever gathered signatures for anything?  No one likes signing petitions.  No one likes being ASKED to sign petitions.  No one likes being asked more than once to sign the SAME petition they've either already signed or refused to sign.


The RECALL JANICE DANIELS team gathered over 9,000 signatures nonetheless, and I was honored to be a part of that effort.  But we walked in rain, wind, snow and heat.  We stood on corners and got insulted, flipped off, screamed at and otherwise harassed by fellow residents for merely exercising our protected rights.

And that's just the beginning.  Have you ever worked on a campaign?  I have...three in two years.  Non-stop work...non-stop writing...non-stop education of the electorate.  It's exhilarating, exciting, humbling, soul-sucking, joyful, laborious, enriching work...sometimes all on the same day.

But it's work.

There are VERY FEW politicians who are recall worthy, in my opinion.  Janice Daniels was the first ever in my entire life for whom I'd even consider bothering.  I can think of NO ONE currently in office in my city for whom it would be necessary of desirable to go through that effort again anytime in the foreseeable future.  I know of NO ONE who feels any differently than I do.


It'll be ok, Troy.  I don't see an epidemic forming.  Come out of your bunkers.  It's safe now.

Looking Back...Looking Forward

Today, Councilwoman Maureen McGinnis will be sworn in as interim Mayor of Troy; she'll hold the office until Monday night when Councilman Dane Slater rotates into the Mayor Pro Tem position that will be vacated by McGinnis on schedule.

The Council and interim Mayor will then begin the task of working together to appoint a new mayor for Troy.  I am hopeful that the full body will be able to look forward together while reflecting on the mistakes of the past to figure out how best to serve ALL the residents of Troy.

Indeed, it is a wise person who can look back to see where things went off the proverbial rails.

Radio talk show host Charlie Langton gave Janice Daniels that opportunity yesterday on his show.  Two or three times he repeated the question, "What would you do differently?"  In true form, Daniels never answered, responding only with a complaint that the media was unbalanced...that if only the media had reported things accurately, she'd have gotten a fair shake.  In the Oakland Press, she even stated that the media was responsible for the poor portrayal of her to the public:

Daniels declined to have her photo taken for this article, stating that the media has “never been fair” with her photos.

“Your newspaper helped perpetrate (the recall),” she said.

Now, I'll be the first to say that I am NOT a photogenic person; I rarely like pictures of myself, hate seeing myself on the Council Jumbo tron, and cringed when I saw playback of myself during a Town Hall discussion or on the local news.   

But last time I checked, how I am photographed/filmed has very little effect on my ability to complete the tasks with which I am charged. 

No, being Mayor of Troy is not about looking good for pictures.  It's about being the representative for all residents...acting for the will of all citizens...reflecting and representing the desires of the entire community.

Being Mayor of Troy is not about personal ideology.  It's about collective needs, goals and purpose.

This current council has shown the ability to work together.  Not since the very first early votes on the Transit Center have we seen real division or discord that extended beyond the Mayor's chair.  Under the calm and wise navigation of Dane Slater, I have no doubt that the engine of Troy's democracy will be sent down the right tracks.

The people have spoken, and any future leader would be wise to listen. After too long, Troy can finally get BACK on track.  We're wiser for the journey, and hopeful for the future. 

We SAVED TROY again. 

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Final results of the Succesful Recall Vote

With all 31 precincts reporting, Daniels was defeated 52.2 percent to 47.8 percent.

We did it!!!

Thank you Troy!!!!!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Caught in the Act?

"No, citizens of Troy, I NEVER steal signs or condone that act from my supporters."

Except when maybe she does?

Does this help you understand Janice Daniels?

When Janice Daniels smeared gay people, she wasn't sorry. She didn't stand up and defend gay people. She doubled down and insulted them again and again and again!

When Janice Daniels invited her friend to council to slam the transit center he smeared Detroiters, and it came to light that he'd smeared Arabs and gay people and unions and everyone else, Janice Daniels didn't defend all of those people or say he was unworthy to speak to council. She defended the bigot! Because he was her friend.

When her friends smeared Asians, she didn't apologize for them or apologize to the head of the Commission on Asian Pacific American Affairs when she came to Troy to complain.

When Janice Daniels tried to smear Mary Kerwin only a couple weeks ago, Daniels' friends didn't come forward to defend Kerwin, nor did Daniels apologize to Kerwin.

My, my, my. Janice Daniels seems to have a very high bar when it comes to apologizing and defending victims of bigoted and unfair attacks.

Who HAS she defended?
She defended these people -- her close friends the Smiths -- even after the Secret Service visited their home.

My my my.
If Janice Daniels stays in office, imagine how many more of her friends will make news. Not to mention Janice's rare ability to lead the news...

Please recall Janice Daniels.

My Advice to Recall Supporters

For the last few elections I have volunteered to stand at my precinct and hold the sign of the cause I supported. Always, the folks from Troy Citizens United, the group Janice Daniels was a spokesperson for (do a Google search of the Oakland Press) were against me.

Their one and only issue has always been taxes. They care about taxes more than they care about libraries, schhols, children and community. Don't believe me? Here's a quote from a Janice Daniels letter to the Oakland Press on May 22, 2011:
"What about those folks who prefer to keep the hard earned fruits of their labor in their own pocketbooks instead of in the taxman’s coffers or the politico’s war chest — Guilty — Uncaring, unconcerned, uncommitted to the advancement of (you fill in the blank for the issue of the moment: Children, libraries, home values, poor people, old people, safe streets, parks, museums, fairs, Washington insiders). The list of issues that you should be ashamed of yourself for not supporting is as endless as the requests for taxes or retributions or contributions or revenue enhancements or commitments or condemnations."
That is how Janice and her friends think.
They originated, supported and got passed the Tax Cap Amendment of 2008, which led to all of the budget crises we have had since. Capping our taxes when times were good meant that when property values went into free fall, our city lost a huge percentage of its revenue. Dozens of wonderful people were laid off or left the city. Dozens of services were lost. The library was put in jeopardy. All thanks to the TCU and their band of extremist, merry tax haters. 

In November of 2010, I was supporting the Troy Public Library-saving Proposal 1. It was very difficult because at the time, Ed Kempen, a Troy resident and TCU member and friend of Martin Howrylak and Janice Daniels, was distributing a petition which he claimed would save the Troy Library for free! Of course, it was nonsense. They even called the petition the “Friends of the Troy Library with No New Taxes.” Of course, many people stopped listening after the “Friends of the Troy Library,” which is the name of a REAL group of TRUE library lovers.

They thought our trusted supporters of the library were behind Kempen's petition. They were not.

The name, like so much else the TCU folks have done, was a trick.

These people are full of cheats and tricks.

Even in front of the Troy Public Library and at the precincts, these people stood in front of Troy voters and insisted that they could save the library with no new taxes. They convinced enough people to change their votes that Proposal 1 was defeated by only about 600 votes.

The day of that election, I took a break from standing outside with a sign in support of Proposal 1 to go in to vote.

Inside, a woman was going to the poll workers and begging them to explain to her why there were four library proposals. I heard her tell them that she wanted to vote yes to save the library for ten years, but she didn't understand why they sounded so similar.

Stone faced, the poll workers told her she would have to do her best to figure it out. The woman began to cry.

I walked over to her and explained that Proposal 1 was the real proposal, and that the rest were fake proposals put on the ballot by anti-tax extremists, like Janice Daniels, Ed Kempen and Martin Howrylak, to confuse the issue. Bob Gosselin has reportedly taken “credit” for the fake proposals. (Remember all the fundraisers he had at his house for Janice Daniels? They are very fast friends!) The voter was very grateful and voted for the right one.

I was inside the precinct for only about 5 minutes and experienced one person panic over the dirty political trick played by the Troy Citizens United. Imagine what it was like all day in there! Imagine how Howrylak, Daniels and Gosselin laughed and laughed and laughed.

What a disgrace! (This year I even had the occasion to ask Mr. Howrylak why he and his friends had done that. All he had to say was, 'wasn't it stupid that the law only required 50 signatures to get a petition on the ballot?' And he wants to be our State Rep? Sigh.) 

In 2010, Howrylak also put out a thoroughly deceitful, anti-Proposal 1 letter just days before the election that misled Troy citizens into believing they would have to pay millions of dollars for an all new building and books. He claimed it didn't mislead them, but I was in the rest room with 5 women from a council meeting who repeated that lie – saying they learned it from Howrylak.

I went back outside the polling place, and stood calmly showing my sign, as anti-tax, anti-library people swarmed around citizens who were walking in to vote, shoving their fake petition in their faces, demanding they vote no on Proposal 1. There I stood helplessly, a short woman surrounded by all of those aggressive men. I also felt that if I approached the very aggressive anti-library extremists in front of other voters, I would endanger myself and the vote.

This is how they work. Lies and intimidation. And they often win that way.

Word is out that on Tuesday, Tea Party friends of Janice Daniels from around the state will come en masse to bully people at the precincts once more. Stephanie Jasky, a huge friend and supporter of Janice Daniels (her son was the first mayor for a day, chosen by the mayor!), wrote this last night about Janice Daniels, our Tea Party mayor and the election:
The radical Democrats and gay activists are trying to recall Troy Mayor Janice Daniels, co-founder of the Troy and Central Macomb Tea Parties. They did a huge glossy mailing calling her the Tea Party ATTACK! Lets show them what we are all about!  Lets keep our Mayor!
(Point of order -- you don't have to be an extremist to be against Janice Daniels, you only have to be normal!)
We already know that the leader of her PAC is from Alpena. That PAC person said that as Janice Daniels goes, so goes the Tea Party movement in Michigan. That is her signal to Tea Party nuts that this is a do or die election not just for our Tea Party mayor, but for the party itself. 

They are desperate.

They will do anything.

If you volunteer for the Yes Recall side at the polls, I personally recommend you be prepared with your elevator speech of your reasons that Janice Daniels should be recalled and tell as many people, as nicely as you can. Bring printed materials, if possible.

And if the volunteers from the other side become aggressive, obnoxious or unpleasant, take video and make a police report.

If you are voting but not volunteering, perhaps you should park as close as you can so you don't have to run through the pro-Janice gauntlet.

Or if you are REALLY brave, engage the pro-Janice people so they waste their time on you and leave other people alone.

These people are skilled at aggressively trying to flip people at the polls, at any cost.

One more tip. If you are volunteering at the end of the night when the polls close, you are permitted to walk in at 8 p.m.and hear the results read out. The results at my precinct have usually been the same as the whole Troy vote. Share what you learn with other volunteers.

I am not a leader in this recall movement, only a volunteer. These ideas are my own and no one else's.

Let's win this thing!

Friday, November 2, 2012

Jim Campbell's Open Letter to Troy Voters

The former president of the Troy Republican Club writes...
To my fellow Troy residents,
I am very proud to have been elected to serve you as a city of Troy councilman. Unfortunately, I am not so proud of some of the issues and controversies that have surfaced since the election involving Mayor Daniels.
On day one, Mayor Daniels decided to revise the traditional oath of office that Councilman Henderson, Councilman Tietz, and I took along with her. She took it upon herself to eliminate any reference to the Troy city charter without ever discussing the oath revision with any of us. I saw this as rather strange behavior on her part. Just for the record I went back to the city clerk the next day and formally retook my oath in the traditional manner.
Little did I know that this event would be only the beginning of a rather long string of bizarre and unacceptable behaviors that would be brought forth by Mayor Daniels. I don’t think it is necessary to go through the laundry list of the events of the past year, suffice to say that none of her tirades, accusations or unprofessional behaviors has done anything to promote the city of Troy in a positive light!
The council has spent far too much time attempting to control her actions both in the public view as well as behind closed doors. The focus of the council and the city management has been diverted from doing the business of the city for too long.
It is also very important to clearly understand that the statements, opinions and attitudes that have been stated by Mayor Daniels are hers and hers alone. She does not speak for Mayor Pro Tem McGinnis, Councilman Slater, or me.
Mayor Daniel’s recent performance presenting the Troy Distinguished Citizen Award to Mary Kerwin proved to be the last straw for me. Again, I am sure everyone is well aware of the disrespectful manners shown by Mayor Daniels, just another sign of her lack of capability, professionalism and ideology.
I personally want to apologize to Mary Kerwin and Leadership Troy for the appalling and unnecessary treatment that was thrust on you by our Mayor.
Now the day of reckoning is drawing near for our mayor. The recall ballot provides a clear picture of the reasons for the recall. Each of the items on the ballot can be verified with public information. Unfortunately, the mayor’s ballot rebuttal is full of distortions written to show her as the “Victim”. Rest assured she is no victim!
Just to add a little more drama to the situation, now the Michigan Tea Party is planning on supporting Mayor Daniels against the recall effort. Interesting that the person who is running her “NO Recall” campaign is from Alpena not Troy? This is also true for many of her other supporters and cash donors. In the meantime our mayor is making personal appearances at homes and business that display the “Vote Yes Recall” signs. Her mission is to try to have them take the signs down. Could this be considered intimidation?
It’s rumored that the Tea Party supporters will have a strong presence at the polling locations in Troy. Gee, what a surprise!
Apparently the tradition of having a non-partisan election in Troy is another thing of the past?
November 6, 2012 is not only a critical day for the country; it is also a crucial day for us in Troy. Are we going to turn our heads from the unpleasantness and obnoxious behavior of an elected official who has tarnished our city in so many different ways? Or are we going to stand up and say that we the people of Troy demand and deserve better?
If you are proud of the city you live in and believe in our motto: “Troy-The City of Tomorrow Today” then you choice is clear: Vote “Yes” to Recall Mayor Janice Daniels.
Exercise your right to vote!
James Campbell
Troy City Councilman & Troy Resident

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Janice Daniels can't keep it shut (video)


Mayor Janice Daniels' friends break the law and cheat, again

I distributed a few lawn signs for the Recall campaign. One thing I learned immediately was that Janice Daniels went around to houses with Yes signs and whined her way into getting some startled Troy citizens to remove the signs and some (especially international people and business owners) to put up No signs. I learned it because people TOLD me.
This has been the modus operandi of the friends of Janice, like Martin Howrylak, in the years I have been involved in politics in Troy. They cheat and strong arm people and straight out lie. 
She and her buddies have capped our taxes (throwing the city into financial disaster), fought against the library and installed the tea party mayor who hid that she was tea party until the night she took office.
This year, it also became clear that Janice's campaign buddies were ripping off signs, dozens of signs. Signs posted legally. So the Yes recall campaign started to watch the signs, and sure enough, along came the a sign poacher.
And the police were called.
Troy Patch posted the story today at 4:
Man Caught Removing Legally-Placed Recall Yard Signs
A Troy man may face charges after he illegally removed five yard signs Tuesday afternoon from the corner of East Long Lake and Rochester Roads.
The 62-year-old man was removing several Recall Janice Daniels yard signs from the Meadowbrook Plaza shopping center when a recall supporter confronted him.* Per Patch policy, the man's name is not being published unless he is charged.
“We’ve been doing stakeouts," Recall Janice Daniels co-founder John Kulesz said. "They’ve been disappearing as quickly as five minutes after we put them up."
Kulesz, who was not one of the two individuals watching the signs on Tuesday, said the man "pulled up and started taking our lawn signs down and throwing them in the trunk of the car.”
"The signs were legally placed," Troy Police Capt. Robert Redmond said Wednesday. "We took a police report. It will be turned over to the city attorney’s office for review."
"We will pursue that as we would any other request for a criminal charge,” Troy City Attorney Lori Grigg Bluhm said Wednesday, adding they must determine if there is enough evidence to proceed. “We want to look at this fairly quickly."
Read more here

Teach the cheaters the ultimate lesson.
Recall Janice Daniels!

Monday, October 29, 2012

Outsiders in the Recall issue?

If you listen to ANYONE on Janice Daniels' side of the world, you'll hear that all of Recall Janice Daniels money, volunteers and petition signatures came from out of Troy.
And of course, that's not true.
I've heard many in the parade of (mostly) men who support Daniels say that they know it's all outside influence.
They know nothing.
But here's what we know about the No Recall campaign. They have a PAC and the leader of the PAC is from Alpena.
Because outside interests -- REAL NOT IMAGINARY-- outside interests are fighting Daniels' fight for her. They are bankrolling it and they are in key positions in her campaign.
A bus even rolled into the Polish Center last week from the national Americans For Prosperity -- the Tea Party branch of the Koch Brothers' multi-million dollar fake "grass roots" coalition.
That's a perfect example of the hypocrisy of Daniels and her followers -- the wrongly accuse someone else of doing exactly what they are KNOWINGLY doing.
And if you don't believe it's true that Tea Partiers across the land want to help Janny, here's the evidence from a Free Press article last week:

Also in the crowd was Casey Hill, 20, of Alpena, the head of a political action committee called No Troy Recall. She's living temporarily in White Lake Township and is working to help save Daniels' job.
Hill, who didn't address the crowd, said afterward that keeping Daniels was tantamount to
"keeping the conservative movement going in Michigan."
In Daniels' case and in other recall efforts around the country, Hill said, "It's liberal groups using the recall process to stamp out the tea party movement."

Save Janice Daniels save the Tea Party?
Certainly they must have SOME people to protect who are qualified and not ridiculous disgraces to their community?
Here's a little commercial we did last year when Janice Daniels was getting lots of outside support.
Vote YES to Recall Janice Daniels

Patterson a fan of Daniels'? Probably not (video)

Janice Daniels' website and mailers all include a photo of her with L. Brooks Patterson, as if he is a big fan of hers.
You can decide whether that's true by watching this news piece on Patterson attacking Daniels.

Janice Daniels' little anti-city staff hate speech (video)

This is the speech in which Janice Daniels accuses city staff of opening her mail (which they are supposed to do) and tells the city manager she has no faith in him. It also includes a statement about the only employment that is admirable is "private sector" jobs. Another knock against city staff.
The funny part is her saying she whipped it up over the weekend. Ha! I guess it was a bunch of Martin Howrylak's old accusations and nonsense all strung together. Because in spite of the fact it's nearly impossible to find a photo of these two together, make no mistake that Janice Daniels and Martin Howrylak are the best of political friends.
Recall Janice Daniels.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

The Literal Truth: What a No Vote Gets Us

The Mayor and her antics have been a really valuable source of teaching for the citizens on many levels.  But as a language arts teacher, I especially love how she helps me by giving me examples of literary techniques.  The two she uses best are HYPERBOLE and IRONY.

Hyperbole is the use of exaggeration as a rhetorical device or figure of speech. It's often used to create strong feelings or impressions, but is not meant to be taken literally.

Here are some examples:

EXAMPLE 1:  a supporter of the Mayor recently stated that there was an "AMAZING show of support for Mayor Janice Daniels" during a pre-council meeting rally in her honor.  Here is a picture from that event:

I count roughly ten individuals, one of whom is a child who cannot vote. Amazing is one word.  I can think of a few others.  Coincidentally, that same supporter, also pictured, stated that the TPD was in force that night "in case things got out of hand."  Actually, they were represented in force at the meeting because they were being honored for winning a sharpshooting award.  But let's not let facts get in the way of our hyperbolic statements...

EXAMPLE 2: the Mayor is a businesswoman who brings that experience to her position as Mayor.  She claims her real estate experience as part of that resume of skills.  She has also referred to herself as a small business owner.

Click here to see the business the Mayor owns. 

Methinks her business acumen is "knot" quite what we were led to believe.

EXAMPLE 3: the Mayor would show us how the city budget has enough money to fund five libraries without the need for a dedicated millage.

She later retracted that, labeling it herself as an example of a "hyperbolic statement" made by a private citizen.  She's was hyperbolic, and she was a private citizen -- RUNNING FOR PUBLIC OFFICE.  Her silence at the budget study sessions was deafening, though, showing that her knowledge of municipal operations was also represented in a hyperbolic way.

Irony has several definitions and uses, but the one that applies here is "situational" irony --  the contradiction between what one expects and what actually happens.

EXAMPLE 1:  The Mayor prides herself on the fiscally responsible use of tax revenues.

She holds her "no" votes on every single Transit Center vote up as proof.  She has also voted down every measure I can think of in the city budget that would have had anything to do with the nominal increase of an operating millage (like the pass-through type millages that cover our sewage/garbage service) or the spending of city monies on things she calls wasteful -- like the membership in the Michigan Municipal League.

But IRONICALLY, once the majority council passed the resolution to pay the MML membership dues, she spoke up enthusiastically about wanting to attend the next MML conference on Mackinac Island for "networking."  On the city dime...

EXAMPLE 2: The Mayor opposed the Transit Center Project and termed it a wasteful use of federal funds that should be sent back to Washington to offset the national deficit.

Now, we can talk all day long about how inane and ignorant her stance on this was given that the money would never be sent back to offset anything except another city's ability to thrive.  But the real point is that she voted no on the use of federal funds, loudly and piously.

Last week, she accepted federal funds from Bob Gosselin for improving roads.  There was no talk of wasteful spending, only a simpering photo-op with her long-time mentor.

Janice Daniels's abilities as Mayor of Troy are a hyperbole until themselves; everything about her skill in leading this great city has been blown out of proportion and exaggerated.  

Janice Daniels actions, voting record and public statements have been the epitome of irony.  She speaks out of both sides of her mouth, and is anything but honest and transparent.

Voting no on the recall means three more years of this style of leadership.  If that's what you really want...go for it.

But if what you really want is a strong Troy, poised to move forward into the future with sound leadership, integrity and prosperity...VOTE YES TO RECALL JANICE DANIELS ON NOV. 6.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Janice Daniels: Never a friend of the library

This video reminds us what citizen Janice thought about children speaking up for the library. There were several in the audience that night, including my neighbors.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Janice Daniels - Overwhelmed and Unqualified (Video)

Janice Daniels was asked a simple question.
"When you ran for mayor you said there was a slush fund the mayor and council were hiding that could fund 5 libraries. So where's the money?"

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

She Must WANT to Be Recalled, Part Third: Put Her Out of Our Misery

So here we are, victims yet again of the ineptitude of our infamous and controversial mayor, Janice Daniels.

Once again, Troy is the laughingstock of news sources, print and television media and the social network around the nation.

Here is what I had to say to our Mayor, her fellow City Council members, the City Manager, City Attorney and administration of Leadership Troy:

Dear Council and Ms. Daniels,

Enough is enough. 

The Mayor's antics last Monday evening at the council meeting were quite possibly the most reprehensible and clearly purposeful acts of disrespect I've seen from an elected official in this city.  Instead of simply reading a proclamation in honor of the outstanding citizen of Troy, Mayor Daniels chose to politicize a situation that is inherently absent of political ideology.  Instead of holding Mrs. Kerwin's lifetime of service up for example, Ms. Daniels chose to make a laughingstock of Mrs. Kerwin and the organization that chose to honor her.  For years, Leadership Troy has worked to promote what makes Troy great: service by all for the one purpose of making this a city worth our residency.  In one moment of selfish partisanship, Ms. Daniels showed us she has no concern for anyone but herself.

Her treatment of Mrs. Kerwin has once again propelled Troy into the local and national spotlight.  As a result, Janice Daniels has now disrespected every resident of this city.

We can hardly afford one more black mark at the her hands.

Since the Mayor is clearly not self-aware enough to see how bad she is for Troy, I encourage every council member, the City Administration and the governing members of Leadership Troy to request her resignation immediately.

As of this evening, I've not had a response from anyone on council.  However,  Mr. Henderson had this to say today on his public Facebook site:

"i have.chosen not to johnny pile on anything the mayor does, there is no shortage of groups ready willing and able to do that. let the recall run its course and see where we are at"

And his assessment of the reaction from the crowd while the Mayor argued with Mrs. Kerwin:

"my comments about the rudeness ocurring in the back of the room is a concern. you do realize thats a form of bullying and intimidation right? i certainly cant imagine anyone condoning that. none of us were raised by wolves, but many act like it. the kerwin presentation was odd, im not sure where the information the mayor presented came from. i know what i read. the whole evening was full of political manipulation on all sides. and i was told this was an apolitical role."

Mr. Henderson is quite clear on his stance regarding the Mayor and her probable recall:  he will be voting no, as he stated at the October 8th Council Meeting.  So he won't criticize the MAYOR for what she does, but he WILL criticize those who reacted to her antics.  I was there...those outbursts were SHOCK at what was happening.  It was horrific.  But Mr. Henderson calls it bullying.

Have you had enough of this yet?  If so, you can do two very helpful things:

1.  Write the council yourself and encourage them to demand her resignation.

2.  VOTE  YES TO RECALL JANICE DANIELS on November 6, 2012.