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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

You Get What You Ask For

If you voted for Daniels, Henderson, Tietz or even Fleming in the asked for this.

From Magna International to the Troy Chamber of Commerce--originally sent to some 40 people on the cc list including City Manager Szerlag, shared with us by an anonymous concerned individual who is NOT Michelle Hodges.


First of all we at Magna would like to thank you and your team for all of your efforts and enthusiasm on behalf of this issue. We are quite disappointed that the City of Troy seems to have governing legislators who are ill advised and certainly narrow minded when it comes to the future of Troy and the future of Southeastern Michigan. It is also sad to see that the City of Troy has a Mayor who is not there to advocate for the future growth of the city and the betterment of the resident but who's narrow view only speaks to her personal agenda and discriminatory practices. The only positive thing to come from all of this is the recognition that Troy has a strong Chamber of Commerce and a strong and principled person leading the organization. Thank you for that!

After watching the disappointing behavior of City Council and being exposed to some of the individual actions such as those of the Mayor and Councilman Fleming this morning I am drafting a memo to all Magna group presidents and our Magna corporate executives strongly recommending that Magna International no longer consider the City of Troy for future site considerations, expansions or new job creation. I have also recommended that where ever and when ever possible we reduce our footprint and employment level in Troy in favor or communities who act in the best interest of both the residents and business and not simply use their public position to advance their own private agenda.

Michele, once again on behalf of Magna and the over 1000 employees we have based in Troy I would like to truly express my appreciation for all of your efforts, your professionalism and your commitment to the business community of the City of Troy. I hope that you and yours have a great Christmas and a prosperous New Year.

Frank W. Ervin III
Manager, Government Affairs

Magna International, Inc.
600 Wilshire Drive • Troy, MI 48084

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  1. I am cutting and pasting this letter and sending to the four members of City Council. I would suggest everyone else do the same!