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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Why Now?

A refrain I've heard over and over since the story about our mayor's bigotry has been,

"Why didn't this come out BEFORE the election?"

I sure wish I had a good answer for that. I can tell you that it was not for lack of trying to shed light on this woman and her radical, abusive and hurtful opinions.

But the people involved in trying to share information with the residents of Troy like those who write for this blog are volunteers...concerned citizens. We can only do so much.

For MONTHS and MONTHS we've tried to get the word out there about Janice Daniels, Troy Citizens United and any of their supporters who have lied, twisted facts, slandered good solid folks, and tampered with election processes.

The sad fact is that people choose not to listen until they are ready. We cannot speed that process along out of sheer desire.

However, we now have the spotlight on this mayor, her policies, her supporters, and her actions.

Let's use it judiciously and productively. Share this blog...share information...spread the word.

If ever you have information you think WE need, please pass it along on the blog in a comment or via an e-mail.

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