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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Conservative leaders tell conservatives to knock it off!

When I started getting involved in politics in Troy, I noticed that for once I was in agreement with a lot of Republicans. As a matter-of-fact, what has been happening in the last few years here has made a lot of previously cozy Republicans go moderate. But it's not because they changed their way of thinking. It's because the people motivating the party have gone a little goofy and dragged the party so far away from my friends that they don't know where they belong anymore. 
I guess the term I hear from the lifelong Republicans I know (who people like Janice Daniels so proudly and publicly refer to as RINOs) is Teapublicans. And just as they've grabbed the front of the word, they have forced themselves to the front of the party.
That's why the Detroit News editorial says that Janice Daniels and her friends on council are foolish to throw back $8.5 million of OUR tax money back to the fed (who will give it to another lucky city).
That's why Nolan Finley, who I never agreed with on ANYTHING, warned in his column this weekend that "Republicans in this state must establish themselves as the party of progress and prosperity, and not of puritanism and prejudice." (He's looking at you and whistling when he says that, Janice.)
Even great friend of the Troy Citizens United Charlie Langton had NOTHING nice to say about Janice Daniels last week after interviewing her about her smear.
And now, the Oakland Press, the paper that gave Troy so little respite from the dirty deeds of the Teapublicans in the past is jumping on the bandwagon with an editorial beginning with this line -- "You don’t have to be a Democrat to resent what Republicans in Lansing are trying to do to Oakland County."
Now the Teapublicans here in Troy are trying to label those of us pointing out their "puritanism and prejudice" as extremists. But sorry, Janice, WE haven't been named "Worst Person in the World" or "Worst Person in the Midwest." WE didn't draw the animosity of the country to Troy. You and your friends have.
And now even the conservative press in Michigan thinks you are all extreme!
Nothing to do but label them RINOs and extremists, I guess, huh? 
The latest...
EDITORIAL: Reject state plan to alter county commission
You don’t have to be a Democrat to resent what Republicans in Lansing are trying to do to Oakland County.
In fact, what they already have done.
The latest is the threat to redraw already redrawn county commissioner districts, reducing the size of the panel from 25 to 21 members.
This is being done through legislation that has passed the House and could be acted on quickly in the Senate.
To call the measure brazen would give it an aura of courage. No, this is better described as clumsy and oafish — not to give oafs a bad name, however.
Commissioner districts are redrawn every decade based on the new census so that they evenly divide the county’s populace, just as congressional and state legislative jurisdictions are similarly reapportioned.
Speaking of that, by the way, this scheme — a description that is too flattering because it infers intelligence — is being carried out by the same folks who managed to draw a congressional district that stretches all the way from Pontiac to Detroit, slicing through West Bloomfield on its way. Now that took real vision.
At any rate, county commission districts were redrawn this year — as they have been throughout modern times — by a committee that includes Oakland County party chairmen, the county treasurer, prosecutor and clerk. It just so happens that Democrats hold a majority of these positions so — surprise! — the new districts designed to be used in next year’s election favor Democrats.
Republicans are now using House Bill 5187 as an attempt to change the rules after the game has been played. It’s a sore-loser measure that appears to be written only for Oakland County since it applies only to counties with more than 1 million population and cites the statute that the county’s charter is based on. That may make it unconstitutional, warns Democratic Prosecutor Jessica Cooper, who is normally know for her extreme caution.
The timing is terrible. If Republicans had wanted to change the process they should have done so long before now. That would have at least added a veneer of subtlety to the maneuver.
The politics of this is one thing; it’s the incompetence that is really irksome.
Let’s hope Gov. Rick Snyder vetoes this plan if — as now seems certain — it gets that far.

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