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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Whose fault?

Even as Ms. Daniels takes blame and apologizes for her Facebook post, hopefully sincerely, her friends on council wish to lessen her blame by saying I am at fault for the city's current embarrassment because I distributed her words.
Just to be clear, since Oct. 2010, my friends and I have posted about 450 posts here.
I did not dig in her Facebook page. I was blocked from it, I do believe. Someone else in Troy sent me her nasty post about gay people. He is a professional person who loves Troy and fears Ms. Daniels.
I didn't worry about making her quote public because it was ALWAYS public. Ms. Daniels wrote it on her FB page, after all. In fact, Ms. Daniels left it on her Facebook page for nearly 24 hours after the story broke in the media. She didn't seem to think there was a reason to hide it.
I did not give this quote to the media, nor did I push for coverage of the story by Troy Patch or MLive. Somehow they picked it up. I still don't know how. I was at work when this story went viral.
So what did I do wrong? I put Janice Daniels' public quote on my blog. Others judged her words to be worthy of furor and passed them on.
Who must take responsibility for her words? Not I.
And one more detail. I began this blog last year because of REAL lies and cheating Ms. Daniels and others used to prevent the good people of Troy from saving the Troy Public Library.
Most of the time it has been extremely easy to quote her and use her words against her, something she doesn't really like.
So the difference between Ms. Daniels' approach and mine was that she told untruths and approved of other people's deception to hurt the Troy Public Library and our city.
What have I done to her?
I have quoted her.
So am I her worst enemy? Or is she her own worst enemy?
The answer is in Ms. Daniels' words.


  1. We are all our own worst enemy. This is a given. We are all responsible for our actions and words, spoken and written. It is the classic story "The Emperor's New Clothes" in this case by bringing the words into clear focus. You merely had the foresight and courage to alert the public of her words. For thisyou should be commended, not reprimanded nor blamed nor singled out, for your courage.

  2. Blaming you for damaging the city's reputation is deplorable. Any one who feels this way is no better than she is. Mayor Daniels did it all by herself!! She wanted transparency and got it.

    A FB page said no one can say if her apology was sincere. Well, I disagree. When it takes three days to apologize and then you do so by reading it, well . . . . .

    If she had any character or integrity, she would resign. As I watched her expressions last night and her flippant attitude and canned response to her recent behaviors, "let's move forward" I know she is in this for the long haul. What a shame!

    I hope this teaches citizens to do their homework before voting and to actually get off their duffs and vote!

  3. She had 6 months to withdraw the post had she thought it was offensive. So, obviously, she saw no problem with the Q word or her comments which she did not see, and still does not see, as gay bashing

  4. She obviously had an agenda coming into office, so it will be up to the other council members to keep her in check. Maybe this is what the citizens of Troy needed to see to realize their vote is important. It is sad to see what can happen when less than 20% of the voting population makes it to the polls. She truly does not represent our city.

  5. I don't know why I've been surprised and appalled by people and organizations (notably the Michigan Faith & Freedom Coalition)that are placing the blame on you for exposing a "personal" comment and are defending her right to "free speech." In Janice Daniels' quest to follow in the footsteps of her idol, Ann Coulter, how could she not be aware that stupid and incendiary comments are going to draw negative attention and controversy? How could she not know that critics are going to watch her every move?