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Monday, December 19, 2011

We have the dumbest city council in the state

Need I say more?


  1. Mayor Daniels stated that she would set aside money to build our own transit center in the future. Of course it is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard, but we should hold her to it.

  2. Well, most of them are dumb. And one council member is dumb and a coward too.

  3. Only 4/3's of it! 3 tried to do the right thing for the city.

  4. This is why we can't have nice things.

  5. No, sorry not all of them.
    Slater had to NOT agree to 6 million because it would have put taxpayers in danger of being charged for overages.
    Slater was divine!

  6. I don't know if Daniels or Tietz have any grander political aspirations but I would think the GOP would have second thoughts about backing them for anything after this debacle.

    Henderson at least said that he did study all the material and explained why he was voting no, I respect him for that.

    Kudos to Campbell for retorting to Queen Daniels that not all 80,000 residents voted for her.

    I felt sorry for McGinnis having to try to envision how Fleming's "compromise" could actually work (it would not)...good having a lawyerly mind at the table.

    Agree, Slater was divine, desperately trying to save the project somehow, and interceding when Daniels and Tietz were rushing the vote.

  7. It is apparent that Janice Daniels is only representing those that elected her. That leaves approximately 73k that she doesn't. Sounds like a true "democracy." Oh, I forgot -we are a Republic. She doesn't like the word democracy, because then the majority can keep things going their way. That is why it is so important to VOTE!

    I wonder what the next plan is. Can you believe this city has seen so much fallout after only 5 weeks? We have 203 more weeks!