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Friday, December 2, 2011

'We had a moderate who was going to run for the mayor's office -- and that's a tragedy!' -- Janice Daniels

Janice Daniels on Blog Radio
She tells us
  • she is "mainstream"
  • she belongs to several Tea Parties
  • Moderates are horrible
  • her supporters were from the Tea Party
  • she IS the citizen legislator that the Founding Fathers envisioned
  • she loves the police (do they believe that?)
  • people are trying to recall her (who?)
  • the Left believes people are stupid, and they want to destroy our schools and make people stupid
  • Indoctrination of children with Marxism and Communism is a problem because we allow 1970s radicals to become university professors
  • she agrees with the host is right that The Left's full time job is destroying this country
  • She wants Michael Ross to speak before council on his work with intact families because,"I want to use this new role I have to promote the healthy aspects of society."
  • 41:11 Pictures of her in the media were hideous (!)
  • The Left subscribe to Karl Marx and his belief that the ends justify the means (wrong, it was Machiavelli)
  • Biggest goal is to reconfigure our understanding of government, and desires to make changes nearby and in the state and country
  • She is very active in the Tea Parties
  • 53:35 - "The Tea Party is maturing, educating itself growing and a force of goodness and kindness and god-fearing love for this country. We're not radicals. We are quietly going to restore this country to its constitutional basis."
  • Host would have slept better if Sarah Palin won the presidency and fixed our country
  • She is impressed with Sarah Palin's mental tenacity, charm, vitality
Listen for yourself:

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  1. OMG, I can't believe you listened to that whole thing for us, Sharon. THANK YOU!! Did you have to wash your ears out and scrub your brain afterwards?!