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Sunday, December 18, 2011

“We don’t want none of your smart growth communism."

Listen to Janice Daniels, David Wisz and Dave Henderson when they talk about the Transit Center. They use old and inaccurate statistics to claim that public transportation is declining in popularity. That isn't true.
But what is their beef? Really?
Ever notice when they talk about how much they despise and distrust government they talk about the federal government? That's because they are much more interested in the federal government than in local government. Why? Because they care more about following what Tea Party and other radically conservative leaders TELL them to believe. They are at war with the fed. And if the decisions they make hurt the local governments they aim to influence...well, that's just collateral damage.
Janice Daniels and Dave Henderson don't mind hurting Troy and Michigan, as long as it serves their misguided political desire to hurt the federal government.
Do their national political goals serve Troy at all? No.
We are simply collateral damage.
The explanation of why public transportation is seen by these groups as a waste is outlined in the article published this week by The Atlantic Monthly titled, "How the Tea Party is Upending Urban Planning."
They will not be impressed by all of the conservative groups, publications and even our governor telling them it would be wrong to give up the federal transportation money they hope to vote down tomorrow.
That's because they are on a mission from the national Tea Party to do its bidding.
Troy be damned.
Below is an excerpt that explains their thinking.

What’s prompting the ire is anything from a proposed master plan to a new water treatment plant, rules governing septic tanks, or a bike-sharing program. What’s driving the rebellion is a view that government should have no role in planning or shaping the built environment that in any way interferes with private property rights. And in almost all instances, the Tea Partiers link local planning efforts to the United Nations’ Agenda 21, a nearly two-decade old document that addresses sustainable development in the world’s cities – read as herding humanity into compulsory habitation zones.
The protesters clearly feel there is a form of Moses-style planning going on today, but rather than highways, it’s high-speed rail and transit, and compact, mixed-use, dense development, all of which are designed to bring about long-term sustainability. As one Florida Tea Party activist put it, "compact development aka smart growth, aka New Urbanism, aka Traditional Neighborhood Design, aka Transit Oriented Development, aka Livable Communities, aka Sustainable Development ... are all names meaning the same thing: they are anti-suburban, high-density dwelling design concepts that are part of the UN's Agenda 21 and will make single family home ownership for our posterity unattainable." Another summed it up this way: “We don’t want none of your smart growth communism."
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  1. That's it in a nutshell (or should I say teacup). After hearing all the bogus excuses not to approve the transit center (don't like the location, need further crime study, don't like the way the proposed building looks/too big/too eco-friendly, don't care how great it's been for other Michigan cities) it boils down to an agenda against the Federal government, Troy interests or even commonsense be damned.

    Wonder what would have happened if there was a Tea Party when the Interstate Highway System was being considered after WWII? President Eisenhower (Republican) was its champion when construction started in the mid 1950's. He had been impressed by the German autobahn, which shows incidentally that you can get good ideas from other countries and not be un-American.