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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Troy Patch: Troy Pastor: Mayor Daniels 'Needs to Apologize' for Gay Slur (w/ video)

Troy Pastor: Mayor Daniels 'Needs to Apologize' for Gay Slur

Opposing gay marriage is "different than using the word 'queer' to describe someone," the Rev. Robert Cornwall said.

When Rev. Robert Cornwall first read Troy Mayor Janice Daniels' controversial Facebook post on Friday, he immediately wanted to say something, but he bit his tongue.
For a day.
"This is troubling, and the reason why I’ve chosen to speak out not only as a person of faith, but also as a resident of the city of Troy who is concerned about the future of this city," Cornwall, who serves as pastor of Troy's Central Woodward Christian Church, wrote in his blog on Saturday.
In the entry, he takes aim at Daniels' credibility and ability to do her job as mayor of Troy:
"Principled opposition to gay marriage is not the same thing as disparaging another human being because of their sexual orientation. I will not get into the politics of whether Ms. Daniels should resign over this, but I do think that it raises questions of character. I think it also raises questions about how she views certain members of the community, and whether she can represent them fairly."
Cornwall particularly took offense to Daniels' use of the word "queer."
"The use of the word 'queer' is a slur – it is meant to defame a person who is homosexual," Cornwall said in an interview with Patch. "As a Christian and a pastor, that bothered me, especially as one who embraces the idea that gay marriage is OK."
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