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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Troy Patch: Troy Mayor Mum; Community Backlash Continues

Troy Mayor Mum; Community Backlash Continues

Troy Mayor Janice Daniels is under fire for posting an anti-gay status update on her personal Facebook page.

After an anti-gay Facebook status update posted by Troy Mayor Janice Daniels went viral Friday afternoon, Daniels responded by posting a comment defending herself on Troy Patch.
"The gay community calls themselves queer," she commented in part. "I firmly support marriage as being defined as between one man and one woman and I am not going to change my position. That said, I love all people and will continue to work towards promoting a vibrant City of Troy." Daniels later removed her own comment without explanation.
Since Friday afternoon, members of the Troy community have flocked to social media outlets and Patch to talk about the post – and to discuss what they think Daniels should do next.

Troy takes to Twitter, Facebook

Posts about Daniels' Facebook post have been tweeted and retweeted since Friday. Some recent tweetsinclude:
  • @jackwestmiller: "Troy, MI is no longer a safe place for the LGBT community to shop and live. Mayor Janice Daniels is a liability to the city."
  • @CompanyHen: "The mayor of Troy needs a reality check."
  • @ComishANC8E01: "Freedom of speech or bigotry?"
  • @the482 "Janice Daniels, we will not forget about this. Until you rectify your clear abuse of power, I will not be spending any money in Troy limits."
Opponents of Daniels created a Facebook Page – Fight Hate in Metro Detroit: Janice Daniels – on Saturday; as of Saturday evening, 73 people had liked the page.
Other Facebook comments about Daniels' post include:
  • Bryan James: "I'll sure think twice about ever moving to your city."
  • Jeff Lanzetta "Keep this dialog going, she can not get away with it. Lets get organized, and get her out."
  • Matt Bertelsen: "It makes me angry and sad. ugh"
  • Katie Taylor Mowrey: "It's painful and embarrassing. She may be Mayor of my city, but she doesn't represent me. She is a leader of ignorance and intolerance. Frightening that she's so proud of it."
  • Rebecca Chung: "The mayor's comment is very concerning. Thanks for staying on the story."

Troy High GSA bands together

On Saturday, Troy High School senior Xinxin Zhou, who is a member of the school's Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA), submitted a letter to the editor.
"I am here today to say, I will not stop," Zhou wrote. "I will never stop fighting, never stop supporting until all people are treated equally."
Other members of the Troy High School GSA have also spoken up since Daniels' Facebook status surfaced.
"As an openly gay student and co-president and founder of my school's GSA, I was shocked to read such a statement from our own mayor," Troy High School junior Sabrina Lee said. "Members of the GSA are outraged, and some are in the process of e-mailing Mayor Daniels regarding the situation.
"Although it's tempting to dismiss her post as a mere attempt at humor or an acceptable case of freedom of speech, it's absolutely unacceptable for an official with that much responsibility to openly display her intolerance – especially knowing that it would incite a lot of controversy, anger, and insecurity."

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