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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Silly me...

It's not the Tea Party who is telling politicians like Janice Daniels, Doug Tietz and homophobic Rochester Hills State Rep. Tom McMillin what they must do, it's the Mackinac Center and ALEC.
I have so much to learn about these folks. ;-]
Anyone have anything to share? Give me an education?


  1. I have been to the ALEC website and it is an eye opener and it is scary too. Thanks for the heads up.

  2. Mackinac Center is not a non-partisan think tank as it claims. One only look at the writing and conclusions on any topic to recognize that.
    Daniels likes to post to FedupUSA about Troy. Her slogan of T.I.M.E. = Transparency (only when it suits) Integrity (obviously, not so much) Managerial (she has managed to snow a lot of good people in Troy) Excellence (her first month has been a disaster for Troy's excellent reputation). Heaven help us if she kills the transit center. That single act would leave no doubt that the people leading our city have no vision for progress and future investment. We will be in the rear view mirror of every business or potential investor or people looking to locate here.
    Killing the transit center was a box she wants to check without regard to the consequences. She seems hell bent on ignoring those at every turn. The community needs to really look at her repeated lack of good judgement.