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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Running from WXYZ

In many ways I have sympathy for Janice Daniels.
But the truth is, she is simply not up to the task of being the mayor of a city of Troy's size and importance.
How will Troy survive this?


  1. Sharon, I have to agree with you about having sympathy for Janice Daniels. Despite her lack of emotion during public comments and insistence that word she used is "just a word," I do feel a little sorry for her. I don't want this controversy to "break" her. I just want her to feel remorse for her actions and understand that her words were hurtful and demeaning. She needs to make a sincere attempt at making things right whether it's going through sensitivity training or actually getting to know the people whose lifestyle she disapproves of. By doing that, she may find that people would be more inclined to forgive her.

  2. WXYZ: Do you have another job?
    Janice Daniels: Yes. No.

    I was under the impression that Janice Daniels workes at AmericaPlus Mortgage Company in Troy in addition to being a part-time realtor at Century 21.

  3. She has made no attempt to apologize sincerely and she will not unless forced to. I really think she needs to be made to resign.

  4. Has anyone noticed that she has NEVER discussed getting to understand the gay community better. It is always about HER!!!! "I" have paid the consequences, "I" am a proud conservative Christian, "I" connect with people. Give me a break! How could she leave the council meeting smiling as if nothing had happened. Most people would have been crushed by what their behavior had done. Her apology was nothing more than political clean up. She needs to resign. But since everything is about her, there is no way she would do what is right for the city.