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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Private vs. Public sector and Janice Daniels

As Janice Daniels and her apologists continue to say there's nothing wrong with bashing "queers," here's a thought...
Janice has always crowed how great the private sector is vs the evil public sector.
Maybe she is right,
In the private sector, the business she was associated with for years has thrown her to the dogs, and claims barely to have known her, in spite of the fact that in a blog on its website it trumpeted pride that one of its associates was elected mayor (they've since deleted that statement). So when Century 21 found out that she was a bigot and people didn't like that, they got rid of her.
And now we all have to protect the company she works for today, or else they might fire the pitiful wretch.
But in the public sector, now that we know what a bigot she is, we can't get rid of her easily. Either we have to wait to throw her out four years from now or we have to launch an expensive campaign to oust her in 5 months.
So, in the case of Janice Daniels, the private sector (which she so adores) has got it right. They were able to throw the bum out immediately.


  1. When Janice campaigned she said, "I come from the private sector where every day when I go to my job I have to achieve a level of excellence with every customer I deal with in every issue I address or I don't have a job. That's the mindset that is missing in our government positions right now. That's the mindset that I want to bring to the government." I wonder how she views her campaign promise now.

  2. Janice Daniels continues to try to perpetuate that she is a champion of Troy business, witness her interjection during the Dec 5th council meeting where she asked if enough had been done to seek out Troy firms or ones with Troy branches to invest our fund balance. The city official in charge of this patiently explained that there are FDIC considerations and also seeking larger firms lessens our risk. Concilman Fleming also added that any investment firm must comply with a previously enacted standard. Looks like either Mayor Daniels is not doing her homework or is grandstanding (and wasting council's time).