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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Our opaque transparent mayor

Janice Daniels rode to a victory in November on a platform of "Transparency, Integrity, Managerial, Excellence." It all spelled "Time!"
Now let's see how that's working for Troy.

  • Well, no one knows where Mayor Daniels has been for the past two weeks. 
  • Turns out, also, no one knows what she does for a living. She said as late as AFTER the election that she was a real estate agent. Then on Dec. 5th she claimed she had been hurt by her scandal, and had been forced to put her real estate license into escrow. Then later she claimed that she did that voluntarily and that she was great pals with her boss at her real estate office who never would have fired her. 
  • However in yesterday's Troy Times, her "boss" claimed she "was not fired" and "She was part time, I've barely even met her. She didn't have a desk." and "She hasn't had any real estate transactions for a very long time." I had long wondered how she was going to knock on doors all day on Saturdays if she was supposedly a realtor -- aren't they pretty busy on Saturdays? 
  • Looks like she has been lying all along.
  • I have information that she works in a mortgage office in Troy, but I won't give out the name of the office, so they don't get harassed. She says that she is a "mortgage financing specialist" now, but I heard she is an office manager. 
  • How funny! We can't even find out the truth of what our transparent mayor does for a living.
Ahhh, let me count the ways she is letting Troy down on this one. But I'll make it simple. Ms. Daniels lied about her employment situation, one way or another, and she continues to mistake clinging to archaic dangerous ideals for integrity. It's not.

Managerial Excellence
  • OK, so she's not a manager and she was fired from her last job (or not, who knows?). 
  • The council is NOT voting with her. 
  • She came to office not knowing how to run a city council meeting, something she could have learned by watching the hundreds of videos of meetings that are online, and generally looks like a fool because she still hasn't bothered to learn. 
  • She started the last meeting saying, "Well, we have 72 people signed up to speak, would anyone like to limit the public comments to 3 minutes?" Mind you this is something that she and her mentor Howrylak have long criticized the previous mayor for doing. Of course she wanted to limit THESE people because she knew they were going to criticize her, but didn't have the guts to say she wanted to do it (no integrity). Then when no one on council came to her defense, she said merrily, "OK, I didn't want to limit them either." That's Managerial Excellence?
So, to sum it up.
Is she Transparent? No.
Does she have Integrity? No
Does she show Managerial Excellence? No.
It spells "time," all right. 
Time for her to go.


  1. Yes, I would like to know how she earns a living to support herself too, in light of the fact her realtor's license has been moth balled in escrow. How many times did she use her fact that never in her years of selling homes in Troy did a prospective buyer ask about our award winning library? Now we may know why. She did not sell as many houses as she wanted to. Did she even sell ten during her tenure? I suspect she has income from somewhere. Is she a trust fund baby or is she dipping a tea pot? Tea is most times made with boiling water and I know from my own experience, boiling water burns you if you expose yourself it.

  2. The Mayor's lack of clarity on her employment history is troubling especially since her campaign touted her private sector experience...what exactly is it? I've heard from a reliable source that she has been involved in the sale of only one house in the past two years, she is in fact a mortgage broker, not a real estate agent. Anyone who is running for office with a history of public service would have had their record gone over with a fine-tooth comb, she got by with little scrutiny. Any other employer would have at a bare mimimum wanted a resume with references. What other special interests could she be representing besides the one we already know about? All voters paid attention to in the past election were her words: lower taxes, transperency (does not apply to her), and "I'll be a voice for the people". I daresay any number of my Troy neighbors would be more qualifed for public office than her with her shadowy employment and no record of civic or volunteer involvement.