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Monday, December 19, 2011

The non-transparent mayor and her "escrowed" real estate license

Linda decided to find out what it meant that Janice Daniels' real estate license is "in escrow". Below are her findings.

I was curious about this “escrow” deal with the Mayorʼs real estate license and decided
to see what was involved in doing this. I visited the State of Michigan, Department of
Licensing and Regulatory Affairs. There I found that Janice Daniels license is, in fact,
still active.
This peaked my interest, so I called the State this morning to see if perhaps their site
had not been updated. I was told it was up to date and if I wanted more information
about her license, I would have to contact Town and Country II Properties. Before
calling Town and Country, I checked their license status and looked at their list of
employees, which showed Janice L. Daniels as “active.”
I called Town and Country and asked how I could confirm someoneʼs license was in
“escrow” and was forwarded to someone who was said to know. That person was kind enough to inform me that “there is no such thing as escrow in the State of Michigan and there hasnʼt been for
20 years.” I then asked if I could confirm that Janice L. Daniels was still employed as a
real estate agent. She took my name and number and said someone will get back to
Doing more research I found out that early in the 1990's what was then called The
Department of License & Regulations decided to give up their license escrow holding
program. Real estate agents were then forced into hanging their license with a licensed
broker in order to keep the license active. The problem with that was most brokers
charge the agents all kinds of fees. So as a result another group of license brokers
came along and opened holding companies. The real estate licensing needs would be
met and the brokers keep the agents license in a holding escrow program.
This would then allow the agents to maintain a current license with the state of Michigan
and meet their license requirements. One such “holding/referral company” told me the
license would remain active in Michigan, however the agent will act only as a referral
agent and will be allowed to receive referral fees from the commissions of active agents.
This particular “holding/referral company” gives the agent minimum 50%, but usually
85% of the fees. Town and Country, as the brokerage firm Janiceʼs license is under,
could also do the same as other holding/referral companies.
So what does this mean? NOTHING!!!! It just means that Janice Daniels pulled on the
heart strings of those questioning her attitude. She used this to portray the
“poor me” syndrome, knowing all the while she could still earn an income. I now
understand her comments to WXYZ TV when asked if she had a job; once she
answered “yes” and another time “no.” Is this her idea of transparency? This should
concern all residents of Troy. If she is using these methods to gain sympathy and
support from her constituents, I question how far she will take things to get her agenda

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  1. Your idea of due diligence astounds me! If Janice Daniels could get away with that, imagine tons of real estate agents not only in the state of Michigan doing the same. I'm glad I could verify conveyancing services first prior to engaging in any deals with them.