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Monday, December 12, 2011

Nolan Finley: "Republicans in this state must establish themselves as the party of progress and prosperity, and not of puritanism and prejudice."

Days after the OpEd piece in the Detroit News told the Janice Daniels' administration that it would be a big mistake to kill Troy's transit center next week, arch-conservative Nolan Finley writes a column warning Michigan Republicans to stick to fiscal issues and stay away for social ones.
I wish they would listen.
Recently elected Republicans all over the state are on a shopping spree, making a mad dash to force their social ideology down the throats not only of those who did not vote for them, but also, of those who did.
Why Rochester Hills MI Rep Tom McMillin is so obsessed with homosexuals that he has TWO BILLS before the state house right now that will not only hurt freedoms in the state, they will also contribute to making younger people, gay and straight, leave the state behind.
Why? Why doth he protest too much? 
That's the problem in Troy. It would be one thing if Daniels and Tietz just wanted to do the right thing, but once you know about their bigoted politics, it makes one worry that they have a lot of social experimentation plans up their sleeves. 
Nolan Finley is trying to warn him that such meddling could be the end of his career.
Column: Social meddling will trip Michigan GOP
Republicans are on a pretty nice roll in Michigan, using their first year of monopoly control of the Capitol to reshape the state's tax and regulatory climate to make it more competitive for jobs and investment.
And while everyone may not like some of the details of how lawmakers and Gov. Rick Snyder are getting there, restarting Michigan's growth engine is what voters elected them to do.
The GOP is set up to build on that foundation next year. If the new policies produce jobs, it can count on a long reign in Lansing.
But if Republicans lose their focus and stray into social meddling, as they're prone to do, they'll put their House majority at risk in next fall's election and may make it harder for the GOP to capture the state for its presidential ticket.
Tempering their ideological zeal is always a challenge when Republicans have unchecked power. Of course, the same is true of Democrats.
Look what the Dems did in Washington after taking over Congress and the White House in 2008 — and how voters responded in 2010.
That lesson ought to keep Michigan Republicans between the white lines.
This is a dead center state. Independent voters tilted the last election to Republicans because they were exhausted with an administration that allowed the economy to stagnate while it pandered to labor unions. They wanted the state's economic climate fixed, and Snyder and the GOP-run Legislature are trying to do that.
But voters didn't give Republicans a mandate to drag the state to the far right on contentious social issues.
And yet last week, the Legislature sent to the governor a bill banning public employers from offering domestic partner benefits. It strips local communities and school districts of the right to shape benefit packages that make sense for their workers, and places Michigan outside the mainstream of current employment practices.
It's one of a handful of social issue bills lawmakers have approved this year, including a ban on late-term abortions, burdensome reporting requirements for universities doing stem cell research, and a right-to-work law aimed only at public school teachers.
Snyder does not want these sorts of bills on his desk.
He is 100 percent focused on getting Michigan working again, educating its children for the new century, and getting the cost of government under control.
Forcing him to sign such legislation or risk alienating his legislative partners is a distraction he can't afford.Republicans in this state must establish themselves as the party of progress and prosperity, and not of puritanism and prejudice.

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  1. A comment from the Detroit News about the curiously intensely homophobic Tom McMillin: "The GOP will never admit they are on the wrong path on so many issues, especially education issues. Tom McMillin is an extreme right wing zealot. Here is a quote from Jack Lessenberry (2007), "Republicans did less mischief at their convention, mainly because all the top spots were already determined. They get the award, however, for picking the absolutely worst candidate for any job. That would be Tom McMillan, the former Auburn Hills mayor who became famous for his hatred of gay people. He was so over-the-top that L. Brooks Patterson called him a member of the Taliban, and once famously gave him a kiss to make fun of his obsession.
    --He fits right in with Glenn Clark, I see. Why are there so many homophobic zealots in Troy???? This isn't even my issue, it's just so bizarre that whenever you look closely at this small group of very powerful politicians in Oakland County they are absolutely HYSTERICAL about gay people having any rights at all? Why?

  2. Now that Daniels is mayor we will see more of this extremism coming out from under the rug. This image is going to be very bad for Troy.