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Thursday, December 29, 2011

More national "accolades" for our friend and mayor Joyce Daniels

She's just so darned popular! Although they got her name wrong here in Atlantic Cities'
2011's Biggest Transportation Failures:
Troy loses a transit center. In a low moment for American democracy, the small city of Troy, Michigan, lost out on the chance to build a transit center years in the making when newly elected Mayor Joyce Daniels rejected the proposal. Daniels, a Tea Party activist, refused the center on the grounds that it would require Troy to accept $8.5 million in federal funds that she believed the country couldn't afford to spend. The city council agreed with this logic despite strong support from local businesses and a common belief that the multi-modal center would turn Troy into a regional transportation hub. Other cities in Michigan have already begun to lobby for the refused funds.
Read more here.

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