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Monday, December 5, 2011

Mayor's idea? Turn down $8 million for Transit Center, then open a savings account

from yesterday's DetNews:
Dave Henderson, one of three council members elected last month, sees no need to rush it. "We should build it after a regional rail system is established," he said. The transit center project is fully funded through a rail grant from federal stimulus funds.
Therese Cody, the programs operation manager for passenger rail with MDOT, said if Troy doesn't accept the money, it will be reallocated to another rail project, potentially in another state.
"It's going to be their decision," said Cody, who has worked on the Troy project since 2000. "Along the route, some communities embrace the train and others want it just to pass through."
Cody added that besides Troy, funding has come through for rail projects in Dearborn and Battle Creek, and others are under way in Jackson, Grand Rapids and Ann Arbor. Pontiac opened a new transit center in August.
"There's a lot happening in Michigan," she said. "We've been talking a long time … but there wasn't a lot of money to kick it over the top. Now we're seeing it."
Daniels said the city should pay for such a big project itself — even if it takes another decade. She said she's planning to recommend that the city designate a savings account for the project and that a portion of the city's reserve fund be added each year.

From The Detroit News:


  1. The political naivete of this is staggering. Do they think that the Oakland County Executive would turn $8 million dollars down? What do they think that Republican Governor Snyder is talking about right now with the Transportation Secty? Mass transit in Southeastern Michigan. What a bunch of blinder wearing rubes are in charge here? A savings account? From what extra pile of money? When we have no city employees? I thought the mayor ran on giving people BACK money? She has no idea what/how the budget of the city works. She is getting very bad advice from some former city council members or independently ignorant. Did anyone notice that during the library vote she never once asked where the money would come from. Thank goodness for CM Campbell. She is writing checks with her mouth without looking in the checkbook first. She just thinks that all those nights at the public comment microphone made her an expert. Holy cow. Help!

  2. Troy has been given a great gift: $8 million in funding for a very necessary and worthwhile project that we need NOW. Why do Henderson and Daniels want to turn down this wonderful opportunity and wait a decade or more so that Troy can pay for it on it's own? If we don't seize this opportunity now, another city will get it, run with it and Troy will be on the outside looking in.

    Also, do Henderson and Daniels not realize that Troy has been laying off employees and cutting services because it just doesn't have the money? And that property tax revenue is projected to further decline in the next few years? And they think Troy can pay for the transit center on it own in a decade? Where do they think this money will come from?

    I know… let's install an enormous piggy bank on the lawn of the civic center to collect loose change from passers by. And maybe in 10 years we'll have enough money to… cut the grass once.

  3. Thanks to Janice, Troy is now known worldwide as "The City of Intolerance, Today."

    Now, with this dim-witted, completely phony notion of setting up a "bank account" to "fund" the building of a Transit Center down the road, we'd end up spending city money on something the federal government is willing to give us for free, namely the spending of our own tax dollars in our own city.

    Lovely. Bet knowing that we have not just a bigot, but a financial knowledge-challenged Mayor will help bring in businesses to invest in our town. She's got to go for that reason alone.

  4. It really seems obvious that the mayor is just placating citizens by suggesting money be set aside for a future transit center. This is just
    another example of her deceptive ways.

  5. Janice is drinking from a deep well of stupid with this idea!