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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Mako Yamakura blog: Troy's Petticoat Junction.

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Troy's Petticoat Junction.

Posted by Mako Yamakura on Sun, Dec 4, 2011 at 2:47 PM

For newly-elected Mayor Janice Daniels here in Troy, it wasn't a controversy until she removed the post.For anyone following up on the recent news that the new Mayor doesn't care for bags made in gay marriage states, it's another thing to spend a day defending the statement, then remove the comment the day after.
See, Facebook is petty. Complaints that someone used language that is homophobic, a reflection of our own inability to just let people live their lives as they see fit.
In that, a true proponent of freedom doesn't give a hoot who makes bags, where bags are made, and why someone who is now Mayor of Troy, would return said bags because it'
I mean, past that pettiness on either end (Eddie Murphy has done far worse), it's a question of taste and decency.
For Mayor Daniels, who should be mea culpa without hesitation, instead attempted to defend her privacy on a social media outlet that she also used to get elected as Mayor.
No offense, but that's sorta ridiculous.

If your private life is private, then keep it so. If your computer education is lacking to the degree that you're somewhat ignorant of the process and design of social media applications, then do not participate in that application (and do not blame it for your ignorance, because it is hypocritical for people who tout self-responsibility).
Past that, however, Mayor Daniels won. And in my view, would've won either way, with or without a mudball post about gay marriage and handbags. That doesn't make her errant post excusable. But it doesn't discredit everything else she is.
My worry, however, is that the first response is often the honest response.
Mayor Daniels responded to the media folks:"I was not even considering running for Mayor when I posted that."
That's the kicker to me. That's more damaging than any Facebook post, to act as if it's not important UNTIL you run for public office. Now, we're going to be (as a whole city), labeled across national media as some bastion of intolerance. Troy is the widely-diverse, smart-as-heck, successful suburb environment. 
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  1. "I was not even considering running for Mayor when I posted that." ... That's like Herman Cain saying, "I was not even considering running for president when I made inappropriate sexual advances to those women."