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Friday, December 23, 2011

Listening to the people?

Janice Daniels -- the candidate -- said she would involve the community...
From the League of Woman Voters Voting Guide: How will you restore the dignity and trust of the council which has been quoted as a “laughingstock”?

Candidate Daniels: "Never hide information from taxpaying families regarding
important budget decisions. Never use the library, police, or fire
services as political pawns to balance the budget. Immediately
acknowledge and address peoples’ concerns at council meetings.
Offer expanded public comment time. Encourage interactive
communication between the council and the people who have
elected us to work for them. Actively seek out involvement from
the true leaders of this community – The business professionals,
the taxpayers and their families."
However, when the VAST MAJORITY of businesspeople and citizens in Troy begged her not to KILL the Troy Transit Center, she did anyway. Why? Because Janice Daniels -- the mayor -- never listened to any of them and never intended to. She planned to stop the transit center before she was elected.
What good is it to allow expanded public comment time if you DON'T LISTEN TO WHAT THE PUBLIC SAYS???


  1. Janice loves public comment because sitting there for hours on end with a blank stare on her face is easy for her.

    Conversely, actually running a meeting and thinking intelligently about issues is hard. That's why she constantly tries to race through the actual meeting every week by cutting of discussion of her fellow council members and repeatedly saying, "let's vote on this."

  2. Janice should ask Santa for "Robert's Rules of Order." After watching the latest City Council meeting, someone said to me that if he were a resident of Troy, he would be embarrassed. I am!

  3. That is a great observation.