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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Leading by opinion poll?

Janice Daniels has not been heard from for a week, but Troy residents are starting to report they are getting survey calls about her. The survey reportedly asks:

  1. whether Janice Daniels is doing a good job
  2. what the respondent thinks of her infamous FB post
  3. whether she should resign
  4. whether the respondent would vote to recall her.
Anyone get the call? Let us know.
Maybe if it's mayor Daniels' survey she can let the people know the results, in the interest of transparency, of course.


  1. I received a survey call but the caller only wanted to talk to someone under the age of 50 and I don't qualify.


  3. Just saw channel 4 talk about a phone poll they conducted about our mayor while getting ready for work this morning. I would bet it was them, but I never received the call so I can't be sure.

  4. Poll was conducted by TV Channel 4.

  5. "someone under the age of 50 and I don't qualify.".. yes, God forbid they talk to any 'old fogey' types.

  6. Regarding Janice's latest Op-Ed piece in the Free Press opposing the transit center: It took me all of 20 seconds to find the statistics that debunk her main point against it, as she insists mass transit ridership is down across the country. As usual, Janice is spouting "facts" that aren't. Go to google and type in rapid transit or mass transit ridership statistics and every article or document shows consistent increases over the last three years.

    Why doesn't anyone in the media fact-check these people?

  7. FYI, in one of my many jobs I worked as a survey taker over the phone. When you have a small pool of respondents you have to limit the percentage of participants of various demographics to reflect the overall population. That's why sometimes someone may call your house to do a survey and basically end the survey after you give your age or gender.
    I'm sure they talked to lots of old fogeys!