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Monday, December 26, 2011

Letters to editor following "Hicks" commentary

Just in case anyone thinks we are the only folks in Troy who feel this way, here are comments from letters to the editor of the Detroit Free Press following Brian Dickerson commentary on the unwise members of city council -- Wade Fleming, Janice Daniels, Doug Tietz and Dave Henderson.

The wrong way for Troy?
As a 25-year resident of Troy, I am appalled by the recent vote of our City Council members to reject funds for a regional transit center. The newly elected mayor and council members have no business injecting their national tea party dogma into our local issues.

This vote is bad for our business community and a sad day for the citizens of Troy. The mayor and these council members have effectively made the "City of Tomorrow" the "City of Yesterday."
Robert Watt, Troy

Return even more
With grateful appreciation for your Dec. 21 wise words ("In Troy, backward thinking on transit") regarding the recent action of the Troy City Council to reject $8.5 million for a transit station so it could return it to defray the national debt, I offer the following equally wise suggestions: Return state funding for Troy public schools, since the state debt surely needs refunding. And, while you are at it, return funds received for highway construction, funds allocated for State Police service, state parks, etc.

Apparently, our paid taxes mean nothing to these angels of fiscal stupidity.

William Fish, Troy

Missed opportunity
Troy could have used this opportunity to help draw more tax dollars through an increase of residents wishing for regional transit. Instead, it is only helping drive people away. With the railroads and big companies in Macomb County, maybe Troy's neighbor, Sterling Heights, can pick up the slack.

Kate Sturgill, Sterling Heights

The change in Troy
Brian Dickerson was spot-on in his description of Troy and its Hicksville culture ("In Troy, an all-too-familiar fear of the other," Dec. 22). The election of their mayor, Janice Daniels, punctuates what I saw coming 20 years ago.

As a 24-year resident, I raised my children in Troy and rallied against the systematic, grass-roots campaign of the neocons and religious right's pervasion of every local leadership opportunity, until finally they broke through to the mayor's position.

Three years ago, I was one of those who threw away my"I Troy" bags. I couldn't get out of there fast enough. It was dispiriting to experience the changes throughout the years, and now, as Mayor Daniels too proudly illuminates, Troy is a hotbed of small-minded, dogmatic politics.

It's not for nothing that my children, born and raised in Troy, don't ever plan on raising their own children there.

Yvonne Solis, Novi

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