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Friday, December 9, 2011

Janice of last year tells Janice of this year - stop acting like a queen!

So Janice Daniels says something yucky, and then her defenders tell us we should shut the heck up about it?
Maybe Daniels should heed the advice she gave Mayor Schilling last year:
"Perhaps Mayor Schilling would like to explain to the citizens of Troy exactly why she believes she has a right to express her political opinion but others do not?  I think this is a clear demonstration of abuse of power. To my knowledge the residents of Troy did not crownher queen.  They didn’t appoint her dictator, and I highly doubt anyone in the City of Troy is much interested in living under an oligarchy.
I suggest that the residents of Troy consider very carefully whether they would like to continue being ruled by Mayor Schilling.  Last I checked we were supposed to have a representative government.  That is, they are supposed to act upon the will of the people, not in their own self-interest.  I think Mayor Schilling and a good portion of the City Council clearly don’t understand this concept.
Beautifully put, Citizen Janice, I hope Queen Janice listens to you!

(By the way, I think what she said about Schilling here was bogus, but that's another story.) 

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