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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Janice fiddles as Troy burns

While all of southeast Michigan talked of the extreme city council and mayor in Troy that turned down $8.4 million in federal transit funding yesterday, our mayor apparently knew nothing of it. She spoke to the Detroit News:
Troy Mayor Janice Daniels, who voted against the transit center, said Tuesday that she didn't see the email from Ervin to Hodges. The mayor said she has received "nothing but congratulations and accolades" for the city's decision.
This ridiculous woman has no idea how much harm she is doing! She only listens to her own kind of folks who believe the 2-year-long misinformation campaign Ms. Daniels has conducted with her group Troy Citizens United. Consider one reason some Troy citizens may have been against the Transit Center? TCU and Dave Henderson continued to lie until this summer that all of the $9 million was coming from the Troy till, and as Daniels and Henderson loved to say, "That money could have been used to save the library."
There is nothing these yahoos won't say or do to mislead, as long as it lowers their tax rate, Troy be damned.

DECEMBER 21, 2011 AT 1:00 AM
Magna official urges halt to investments after Troy votes down transit center
10 COMMENTS  Troy— Troy faced quick fallout Tuesday after scrapping plans for a federally funded transit center, as an official with a local auto supplier said he would urge the company to look elsewhere for future investment.
Frank W. Ervin III, manager of government affairs for Magna International Inc., made the comment in an email Tuesday to the president of the Troy Chamber of Commerce, Michele Hodges. In the private message to Hodges, Ervin called the city's leaders "narrow-minded when it comes to the future of Troy and the future of Southeastern Michigan" for rejecting $8.4 million in federal aid.
In the email, Ervin thanked the chamber president for her efforts to win approval for the transit center and said he plans to draft a memo to all Magna group presidents and corporate executives "strongly recommending" that the automotive supplier "no longer consider the City of Troy for future site considerations, expansions or new job creation."
In a telephone interview Tuesday with The Detroit News, Ervin stressed that the email to Hodges was his personal opinion. He said he will make the recommendations, but has no authority to make the decisions. Magna's U.S. headquarters is in Troy, where the company employs about 1,000 people at several facilities.
Tracy Fuerst, director of corporate communications for Magna, said the company is taking no position on the city's decision.
Hodges said City Council's decision late Monday to turn down the project is leading to pushback from the business community, which was outspoken in its support for the plan to combine train, bus, taxi and future light-rail service at a 3-acre site near Maple and Coolidge.
"We are already experiencing some fallout and disinvestment in Troy, and we need to preclude that from happening," Hodges said Tuesday in an interview. "There's clearly disappointment on the part of the business community. Its desire, will and recommendation was not met."
Troy Mayor Janice Daniels, who voted against the transit center, said Tuesday that she didn't see the email from Ervin to Hodges. The mayor said she has received "nothing but congratulations and accolades" for the city's decision.
"I think it would be counterproductive to not look for other ways to help the city of Troy continue to be a vibrant city of leadership," she said. "I would like for Troy to be a leadership city to encourage all cities in the surrounding area to decline debt money from the federal government.
"We need to recover the economy before we take on additional debt money. It doesn't make sense to me."
State transportation officials have said the federal funds would be reallocated to another rail project — possibly in another state — if they were turned down by Troy.


  1. Daniels has received the email because I sent her a copy. However, she will continue for lies because that is what she is all about.

  2. I can second Kathy's observation. Daniels is lying because I too sent her a copy.

  3. If Daniels is only reads the "congratulations and accolades", then perhaps we should start encouraging her to run for President. Her giant ego would probably start to believe it. Hopefully, she'll quit being Mayor in order to focus on her White House run.

  4. Her comments preceding her vote indicated that she was voting "NO" on the Transit Center in order to support those voters who elected her. I thought a Mayor is suppose to represent ALL the citizens of Troy; not just those who voted for her. Tell me she doesn't have her own agenda. Once again, her mouth is engaged before her brain. Nice job, Mayor