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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Janice Daniels' Tuesday morning victory speech

People of Troy, I am so proud to be your humble leader.
And my heart swells with the knowledge that I have beaten those evildoers who would have had us spend money that could have helped the city and helped the entire southeast Michigan corridor. Why on earth would I want to do that?
Why, I have single-handedly told all of those evildoers, including the useless business leaders of Troy, the governor of our state, the smart people at all the newspapers who knew the importance of Troy's now-dead transit hub, and the 90% of the people of Troy who contacted me in support of the center that:
We have no patience with their FACTS!
We have no time for their NUMBERS and EVIDENCE.
We have no need of book learnin' and INFORMATION!
We don't see any problem with telling business leaders to shove it!
Tut, tut, silly people of Troy.
Don't you know? We follow the direction of a higher power!
And whatever is good for Troy really means nothing to us. As long as we follow the blessed teachings of our Tea Party forefathers we will be proud to help bring this city, county, state and country to its knees.
Now, have a happy day secure in the knowledge that I am your leader.

~artist's interpretation~

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  1. It is becoming apparent that JD is a twisted, narcissistic individual with grand self-delusions. How else could she let all those business people, engineers and experts for the transit center plead their case while she sat up there in her high seat not showing the least bit of discomfort, knowing she was going to vote no. I suspect she enjoyed and is enjoying all the publicity, angst and controversy that she has caused, it provides maximum splash for her "principled" stance. I bet her Troy support base will start to dwindle as other metro Detroit cities take the federal grant money and build nice new transit centers and their citizens get in on the high speed rail...finally, they'll get it, we could have had that! Too late for Troy though, 12 years of considered planning (and all the expended resources to get the grant) down the drain, due to Tea Partiers wanting to make a point.