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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Janice Daniels' themes

Troy Mayor Janice Daniels refused to say an oath to uphold Troy's City Charter.
That's because Janice Daniels really has no interest in city governance.
Janice Daniels cares only about national issues. Partly, no doubt, because that's where her funding comes from -- didn't she bring in the Tea Party to Troy (she's co-founder) and the Americans for Prosperity (Koch Brothers) bus? And how can a real estate agent vow to spend Saturdays knocking on doors? How does she survive not showing houses on Saturdays???
She wants to give TROY's well-fought-for, hard-earned federal Transit Center funding BACK to the federal government to tell the federal government to shove it.
She doesn't care about what it means to Troy.
Her ambitions are national.
Her funding is national.
Her oath was national.
Troy can whither and die, for all she cares.
And the people of Troy? If they are Democrats or gay or RINOs or Progressive or non-Christian or non-white (judging from her adoration of bigot David Wisz and his fight-for-whites careerist pal, councilman Doug Tietz)?
Well, they can just shove it too.


  1. I noticed that the link to her facebook page for Mayor is gone on TCU facebook. So goes the transparency. She wants the city checkbook and salaries posted, but not her views? For someone that claims not to be apologetic for her comments, why take it down or delete. CM Tietz seems to have deleted a ways back too. Was he hiding something?

    TCU has gone radio silent (insert crickets chirping). The agenda for Monday is to try and change procedures to give her more power or say over procedure or other members in the council chamber and meetings? Are you kidding me! She also better get some serious control over the council meetings with better use of Robert's Rules. Speakers must address the chair, not other members by name and they can NOT address the audience. She is going to create what could become a dangerous atmosphere in that room.
    The other members of council (especially those in camp with her) had better show some independence RIGHT NOW. The citizens of Troy have now been given a big window into her and local politics and a much, much larger audience is going to get engaged in what they do and say. If voters weren't paying attention before, they are now. A gigantic light is shining on them. The meetings better be more professional than they have been because the pressure from the press and others will be intense. I just hope the reasonable council members at the table will bring their experience and knowledge to bear. The City of Troy's reputation and future could be made or lost in the coming months... not to mention a few political careers.

  2. She doesn't understand or she doesn't care!

    Either way, the City Council is being led by an incompetent, narrow bigot hell-bent on leading us into libertarian fantasy-land!

  3. Sharon, please don't lump Jews in this (Judeo-Christian). People who are bigots about homosexuality and race generally aren't fans of the Jews either, in my opinion. Thanks!

  4. Hi Sandra,
    I wrote that because Mr. Wisz is on the board of a group called the Faith and Freedom Coalition with the disturbing Glenn Clark. They trump up their commitment to "Judeo-Christian values." I don't know how she stands, just trying not to give her any outs.

  5. Thanks Sharon! I appreciate it. These guys, among others, try to hijack Judaism and lump it along with their own philosophy as we both follow the Old Testament. The folks who wanted the Christians-only prayer thing on city property a few years ago talked about Judeo-Christian values. I think the rabbi at the local synagogue told them to knock it off and stop trying to hijack us. Again thanks. I wasn't trying to criticize you.