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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Janice Daniels Scandal #1

Oh, it has been a very busy few weeks in office for Janice Daniels, the new mayor of Troy. She already had 3 huge scandals.
The video below shows the depth of her very first, though most of us have forgotten that one, as her other scandals have garnered national attention. First Former Mayor Jeanne Stine tries to help Janice understand what she did wrong, to no avail. Then we see Janice's reaction which, sadly, doesn't make a whole lot of sense.
But it's so nice to reminisce. And we must NOT forget the clues she keeps dropping as to how badly she intends to mess up our city.


  1. Jeanne Stine is an inspiration to me and this city. To see her so troubled about the direction of the city she loves and devotes all her time to bettering both as a tireless volunteer and public servant is difficult to watch.
    Soon Daniels will see that an "educated populace" will mobilize to prove her theory and get her OUT. She is a disgrace to this city in just 8 weeks. Troy literally and figuratively can not afford to have her in office 4 years. If only she had done as much homework about the transit center as she did finding out about not swearing an oath to the city.

  2. So she has admitted that she will not support that part of the Charter. What will prevent her from not supporting other parts.

  3. There is an important detail in this video that nobody noticed.

    Tradition dictates that when a person leaves office, they retain the title of office to which they were elected. In this video, Janice refers to Mrs. Stine as "Mayor," thereby respecting the tradition.

    But on November 28th, when former Mayor Robin Beltramini gave a presentation to council, Janice purposefully referred to the former Mayor as "Mrs. Beltramini," and not Mayor Beltramini.

    I know this is a small detail, but it demonstrates that Janice has no respect for those she disagrees with. (Yes, I know I'm not referring to Janice as "Mayor." My reason is simple: Goose, gander, etc.)

    So Janice doesn't respect the City Charter. Or former office holders. Or the opinions of the Chamber of Commerce. Or the LGBT community.

    As times goes on, I expect the list of people Janice dislikes will grow very long indeed.

  4. Nice video, BTW.

    My compliments to its creator!

  5. Agree with Concerned Citizen. I'd actually like to see Janice promoted to Washington DC where *I'm sure* her expertise(?) will be welcomed in solving the federal deficit, and since that is where her heart's desire actually lies, we'd be doing her a favor. We certainly don't need her here in Troy.

    Was just at one of the foundering strip malls here in Troy (a third had for lease signs). It's the same or worse in office buildings. If we pull out of this recession it will be in spite of the Tea Party.

    Where do I sign up for the recall wagon?

  6. Did anyone note that the "whim" (the annual letter to congress regarding term limits) Ms. Daniels refers to was a general election question approved by a majority of Troy voters?
    So, she disagrees with a directive of the voting public, her constituents, and refuses to take an oath to uphold the law the voters approved? Wow! Perhaps some council members oppose the charter amendment that limits the millage rate; does that mean they can refuse to take an oath to uphold it?
    A civic lesson for Ms. Daniels. The charter, like the state and federal constitutions are the law of the land. We don't get to pick and choose the potions we support and those we don't. What if a president refused to take the oath to uphold the constitution because of a personal opposition to the 1st Amendment? Amendments to the US Constitution go through an extensive approval procedure requiring approval of a specified number of States. A charter amendment must be approved by a majority of voters. If you oppose the amendment to the charter propose another amendments, get it on a ballot either through council action or petition, and let the people vote. Folks, this is scary. Ms. Daniels basically refused to support the governing principles the voters of Troy approved because she disagreed with a potion of it.

  7. John; just a point of clarification. Robin has not served as Mayor of Troy. She has been on Council for some time though. If only she were Mayor...