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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Janice Daniels is on the United States Terrorist Watch List?

That's what she says in this 2009 OpEd piece.
She's the wacko who just keeps on giving.
Who voted for her?


  1. Who voted for her? Obviously the people who wrote comments. I'm curious to know why she was called a terrorist? Did she bomb an abortion clinic? She never says in the article. Sounds a wee bit paranoid. And I liked that part about " In a free society, we not only have the individual right to think, act and live as we choose," -guess that applies to gay people too; oh wait...

  2. Daniels writes:
    "A free thinking, responsible adult will never infringe upon the right of another free thinking, responsible adult to live their life the way they choose in peace. We have plenty of legitimate laws that deter and punish criminal behavior — just don’t tell me that I can’t think, act or live the way I choose within that rule of law.

    The pursuit of happiness is such an individual concept that it makes me draw in my breath in admiration of the men who took the time to put those four words into concrete law.

    My happiness isn’t your happiness and yet your happiness makes me happy. A merry-go-round of interpretation; a panoply of pursuits in a field of dreams. Who should deny us the right to pursue happiness, however we define it, so long as we abide by the legitimate rule of law restricting aggression against our neighbors or deceit in contract? The confident answer is “no one.”

    First of all...I don't think she wrote this piece. I have seen and heard many things she has written and it doesn't have her usual style and cadence. Perhaps there is a Tea Party site out there that offers cut and paste op-eds.
    Second, if she owns the statements copied above, then she truly is the BIGGEST HYPOCRITE of all time. The gay people that she views as less than her, that are free thinking adults, in pursuit of happiness, not breaking any laws, or in deceit of contract should be able to think, act and live the way they choose. Because she said so. Who should deny us our right to pursue happiness however we define it she asks? Apparently she will, openly and unabashedly.

  3. Seems she has forgotten about the societal responsibility part now.

  4. I thinks she give the reason in the op-ed.

    I'll email you what I find.

    "Whenever a ticket is purchased through any of the major airlines, each passenger already provides enough information about themselves to allow a thorough vetting of our travel history, our criminal background, our residency and our tendency to subversion."