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Monday, December 12, 2011

Janice Daniels: "I want to use this new role I have to promote the healthy aspects of society."

Janice Daniels went on a Tea Party radio show after she was elected, and informed the host, though not the people of Troy, that she planned to have a man named Michael Ross speak at a city council meeting about "intact families."
Now apparently Ms. Daniels, who claims to want liberty, and want government to stop regulating us and who completely distrusts government at all levels herself, thinks it is OK for her to take on the mayor's office as a bully pulpit to tell us poor slobs what to do.
You can read what folks like Mr. Ross want to do here.
While there may be good thoughts here, I'm not sure we need added regulations on divorce and child custody, based on a very narrow ideological view of what is right and wrong. And I do not understand how Ms. Daniels thinks this is her place to tell us how to behave in our homes. This is governmental interference in our personal lives, and Madame Mayor Liberty should be against it, correct?
Sadly, she said to the host about being elected mayor: "I want to use this new role I have to promote the healthy aspects of society."
I hope someone might inform Janice Daniels that just as it should not be her role to hurt Troy by giving federal dollars we earned through a decade of hard work to another city, it is not her role to tell us what to do in our homes.
I have an intact family. I have never been divorced. Is Ms. Daniels someone who should be throwing stones?
I guess she never really believed in all that nonsense she espouses about limited government. She only wants it limited when she doesn't agree with it.


  1. I welcome a ideological discussion. I would for her to explain how being bigoted and being friends with bigots leads to a healthy society. I would like to read to her quotes from her lawyer buddy's Facebook page. He disparages people of color and gay folks. I want to hear what she has to say. This woman is a piece of work.

  2. Troy has more than enough to tackle without her using city council meetings as a bully pulpit. Tell her to take this crap to a Troy Tea Party or Troy Citizens United meeting, or do they have "more important" things to tackle, too?

  3. You're in luck Sandra. I can tell you exactly what the Mayor says when confronted with Mr. Wisz' bigoted statements.

    Dear :

    Thank you for sending this cut and paste compilation of alleged comments from Mr. Wisz. I do not spend as much time on facebook reading everyone's comments as I might like to.

    I agree with you that some of these remarks appear to be inflammatory; however, the United States Constitution protects our right to express our own opinions even if we are wrong.

    I only know Mr. Wisz because I have read his work on the transit center and he is an active participant in the political process. He is a free man living in a free country. His ancillary opinions on other issues will not become the subject of Monday night's meeting. His research on the transit center will be the only issue brought to the table.

    Thank you for your continued support of and concern for our city.

    Janice L. Daniels
    Mayor of the great City of Troy

  4. When an individual makes remarks that " appear to be inflammatory" (which is an odd way to describe them) in direct reference to a public issue, they are anything but "ancillary" opinions. They indicate the "research" on the issue may be motivated by the "ancillary" opinions as opposed to legitimate desire to bring forth facts. I'm not sure how the stated "ancillary opinions" can be excluded from the "table".
    For the record, I'm a conservative, Christian, Republican who thinks for myself and finds this whole fiasco very embarrassing.