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Friday, December 23, 2011

Janice Daniels cartoon

As bloggers, writers and journalists start making fun of Troy, now, and asking what kind of people would have elected the horrid Janice Daniels, we all have to defend ourselves.
As for me and others who knew what she was, we certainly didn't vote for her.
Also, journalists at the time helped her get into office by not telling the truth about her -- she pretended she wasn't a Tea party leader and they played along, just as she never mentioned her big plan to kill the transit center in her mailings and that she was an enemy of the library.
So Daniels used the cover of the press protection and voters' ignorance to pretend she was something that she was not.

  • She said she was a real estate agent and serious businesswoman, yet she hadn't sold a house in years and no one knows what her job is.
  • She said she was a newcomer to politics, but founded the local Tea Party.
  • She sold herself as the pro-library candidate, which is a JOKE!

So I like the secondary idea of this cartoon by Mike Ritter. It's not just that she's mean and smelling of poop. But how did this cartoonist know that she was a Trojan Horse snuck into Troy and then when she jumped out (sorta) she set out to slay the town.
Intuitive guy...


  1. If only it were this simple!

  2. She's no hero or greek myth either.