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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

How Low Can You Go?

The news of Jerry Sandusky’s transgressions at Penn State certainly made the rounds of mainstream print, TV and radio media, as well as countless other outlets online all across the globe.

Saturday Night Live even profiled the story, featuring Satan railing at Mr. Sandusky. It appeared that even the Prince of Darkness had his limits on how much sin he could take.

In a similar event, Janice Daniels, Mayor of Troy, has been vilified throughout the land as a bigot because of her colorful language on a public Facebook forum – and for her initial refusal to apologize followed by a several defensive statements.

Yesterday, Keith Olbermann (formerly with MSNBC before his own precipitous fall from glory) named the Mayor of Troy the “Worst Person in the World.”

Now, in full disclosure, I am no fan of Mr. Olbermann. I find him boorish, stubborn, and intolerant of viewpoints other than those that align with his own.

Wait…else do we know like that?

So, much like Satan had his limits with Mr. Sandusky, Olbermann recognized a truly heinous character hiding underneath all the simpering, smiling, false sincerity we were subjected to yesterday from our new mayor.

To know that someone I find repugnant thinks our mayor is “the worst” says it all for me.

Mayor Daniels disgraced the City of Troy and its residents. To many of us today, she is the worst person in Troy.

I’m not sure she can ever change that.

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