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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Hold Mayor Daniels accountable, don't blame Troy

Like any other city in the U.S., Troy, Michigan is suffering from the recession. Our economic decline is part of the reason people voted for Janice Daniels in the first place -- an unwise, desperate, ill-conceived attempt to try something new, anything new -- that might turn things around.
The people did not know that she was a Tea Party nut job, even though we here have been screaming the truth from the rooftops for over a year. Only so many people will listen, you know.
But people must appreciate that we who live here in Troy should not be punished for the stupidity of our mayor. We are her true victims. And we have struggled to let the world know that she has no respect for government, for city staff, for people different from herself and for progressive actions the federal government can take to try to improve our future. This is a mayor who is trying to HAND BACK $8.5 million in federal transportation aid our previous representatives worked on winning for 11 years!!
So I beg people, don't boycott Troy business, don't blame us. 
Instead, help us keep light shined on this unwise, silly woman and make her understand that  when she says she serves all the people, that means she MUST serve ALL of us. 
God bless us, EVERYone.


  1. My question is as a Troy resident, what can we do to get her out of office? Are there recall procedures in the charter and are enough people finally riled up to do something about it? It has not even been a month....and we have 4 more years to look forward to?

  2. Sharon, I think apathetic citizens who chose not to vote must take some responsibility for this spectacle. Unfortunately (hopefully?) this is what it takes for people to pay attention and ask questions of the people who want to run for office.

  3. Sharon,

    While I agree that Troy businesses should not be boycotted because of Janice's imbecility, I can't agree that she was elected out of ignorance.

    The Tea Party is the force behind her and is revealed in Janice's actions. The Tea Party is a group of loudmouthed cretins, enamored with enforcing their "moral" and "Constitutional" fantasies rather than making the city hospitable for all, regardless of creed or color.

    Janice is the albatross that must hang around the neck of the Tea Party as a reminder of what these people want and exactly who they are.

  4. A boycott of Troy businesses is the most effective way to be heard and have an ignorant Mayor wise up quickly or be thrown from public service. If you would like to belong to a modern, tolerant and loving city... boycott Sommerset Mall. The people in a position if power will hear you loud & clear.

  5. Please do not boycott Troy. I do not support that. Send money to Save Troy to help the good people fight her!