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Monday, December 12, 2011

from Rhonda

Dear Santa;
I am writing to you from Troy Michigan...yes, THAT Troy Michigan. I am
sure that you have received a good deal of information about the
"naughty" things that are happening in our town. I imagine there are a
lot less deliveries here this year. You are a very good judge of
character and have managed for many decades now to separate the wheat
from the chaff. So I will leave that to you.

If I may, I would like to ask you for a few things for my community.
It is a bit selfish, because by asking for this for everyone, I am
sure to benefit. But here goes.
1. I would like to have a city government that comes to the table forALL citizens, not just the "ones that brung 'em." 
2. I would like to know that the council is determining the fate ofthe transit center (and other vital issues) on the forward vision ofthe city and future growth, NOT on an ideological agenda and false information.
3. I want to make sure that individual council members will vote withthe city/residents in mind and not on a quid pro quo to advance apolitical agenda or promise of a future political career. 
4. I want a code of ethics in place and all council people to sign it.I want the mayor and council that didn't swear an oath to our city andcharter to do so as a good faith measure. I want that included as aprocedural part of taking the job. 
5. I want clear understanding that the 1st Amendment is for ALLcitizens...each part of it. Threatening to sue someone exercising thatright is well...naughty. 
6. I think that there should be a student representative on councilagain. They have a stake in our city's future...they are SMART andeloquent and NICE. 
7. I would like outside influences on our city to GO AWAY. They arejust plain naughty and have no business coercing or playing politicalgames with our city. 
8. I would like to see more representation of our diverse community inour government. The city council should commission a board of people that represent the Indian, API, gay, African-American community and soon. It will put a face to real people and issues that can not bedismissed with bigoted facebook postings.  
9. I wish for the voters of Troy to become more engaged in local issues and government, so that they aren't caught after the factwondering how things happened or why someone got elected. PleaseSanta, tell them that even though you have one crazy day a year, youdo your due diligence ALL year to make sure things go the way they should. 
10. I want people in the faith communities in Troy not to have faith co-opted by politics. That is something that is beyond the pale andthey should never allow it. 
11. I want the tone and conversation to change in Troy. It will be hard because there is so much anger and disappointment about how things have gone the last 2 or 3 years. But for the community to reallychange, people must stop lying, manipulating, cheating, saying uglythings about other human beings and do what is right for Troy...notthe state or the nation or their particular party/ideology.
I really must ask for one thing for myself, please Santa. Over the
last 2 years I have lost faith in people. I always looked at the good
in people and thought if you were fair and honest and treated people
with respect and integrity, they would respond in kind. I have been
disabused of that notion in spades. I feel very bad about that. Yes, I
have met some really great and wonderful people the last 2 years too.
But my view of the world has changed and that hurts me. I look at life
through a very cynical lens now and no one can tell me "that's just
politics" or "nothing personal." It is very personal. It effects the
way I see the world, my community and my future, not to mention how we
are viewed by others near and far.

I know that it is a lot to ask, but could you please bring me hope?
Hope for our city, hope for our residents, hope for better behavior,
hope for more NICE and less Naughty?

If you can do that this year, I will never ask for another thing from
you. I believe in you, always have. Can you believe in us?

Ginny (distant relative of Virginia)
Troy, MI

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