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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Friend or stranger?

From Bonnie

In the interest of transparency, which was the hallmark of Janice Daniels' mayoral campaign, it's clear that someone is not telling the truth. Kersten is Janice Daniels' former boss. Was she fired or did she quit?

From  Troy Patch“I’ve only met Janice a couple times, and I don’t know her very well," Kersten said. "She’s pretty much part time. She doesn’t even have a desk.”

From the Freep“I have an associate broker’s license (but) I got busier and busier this year, I sold less and less,” Daniels said. “Now, as mayor, I put my license in escrow this week because I just can’t devote the proper amount of time to customers. There’s no animosity — no ill will” about her leaving the job, she said. “John Kersten and I are good friends,” she added.

1 comment:

  1. It's very possible that both are lying.

    Kersten would lie to save his business, while Janice would lie to save face.