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Friday, December 9, 2011

Following Glenn Clark's play book

I guess by sharing Janice Daniels public views on gay people from her public from her Facebook page I was just following the style of Glenn Clark.
From Michigan Capital Confidential:

Glenn Clark, who is a member of the Oakland County Tea Party, said he notices how quickly activists are to connect with each other.
..."Between Twitter, Facebook and e-mail, we are all connected now."
Clark said the Tea Party movement uses social networking to expose hypocrisy among politicians via votes or statements made at events. "There is no running away from it," Clark said.


  1. It is illuminating when you Google Clark. There are many items about him, but what is interesting is there are quite a few Republican writers that are not to fond of him and his behavior. One writer speaking about a state convention wrote: "Troy and Rochester Pct delegates were barred from the convention because they didn't worship the 9th district chair Glenn Clark."
    He is clearly a political operative and has been for a long time. What is really sickening is his cavalier use of words like "radicals, extremists and bomb throwers." He has NO idea what that really means to be faced with groups like that. He is trying to use this boycott threat (which is what it is) and make political hay with it. He is trying to get publicity for his fake religious PAC.

  2. Clark's modus operandi is to "do as I say, not as I do!" He is another one who feels he is "a legend in his own mind."

    He has exhibited despicable behavior, all for political gain. When will these types be stopped?