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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Fleming had 10 years to change the transit center plans

And he chose this evening to make changes, then expected a designer to decide in 5 minutes whether he could build the transit center within time budgeted, meeting government specifications, with 60% of the budget previously allotted?
Perhaps Mr. Fleming's heart wasn't in it.
I always thought Fleming was simply a harmless bumpkin on a log.
Just shows how in battle, a coward can be the weak link that endangers everyone.


  1. The compromise he offered wasn't really that, he just wanted to look like a thinking guy. It saved face for him having been involved in the transit center in the past and having even approved of it at times. I would have respected him more if he had voted no out right.

    The mayor's strident outburst about representing the people who voted for her and they didn't want a transit center shows that she never seriously examined the material given her.

    I find it sickening that she can so casually toss aside an opportunity 10 years in the making and then propose a resolution of mere ceremony, i.e., council members will form a reception line for honored retirees because it was a nice touch at the Rochester Hills city council meeting.

  2. I will personally organize a reception line for any retiree who'd rather shake my hand over the mayor's.

  3. I'm with you Sue. Maybe if Janice had read the information given to her and listened to the Chamber of Commerce,the business community, our Planning Commission, the Detroit News, U of M., the staff (oh, I forgot she thinks they get paid too much)the volumes of information She received, instead of visiting the Rochester Hills council meeting, maybe, just maybe she would have made an informed decision. But, I guess that's too much to ask for. After all, this is just her first step "to restore the proper configuration of government in my little community in my own little way."

  4. Perhaps Fleming needs to be reminded how much power he could possibly have as the "tie breaker" in this and more issues. I think he needs to be "courted" and we need to let him know how much support he will have in opposing Daniel's agenda. We need to give him the strength to stand up to her. Daniels and her two partners are only strong when they bully others into agreeing with them. We need to weaken this offense by strengthening the opposition.

  5. I agree Fleming showed how spineless he is on the council. Trying to look like the "thinking guy" is a good description. I do give respect to McGinnis when she questioned the mayor's motives of asking business and others in the community to speak before council. The mayor did not even want to discuss what she had heard all night long, she just wanted to quickly vote and get it over. It is so obvious she does not respect the opinions and input of the citizens of Troy. It seems some members of council are very aware of this too.

  6. You're right Kathy! She is on a mission. She has her agenda and NO ONE is going to change it. It goes back to the Chatty Cathy story. Her response to the bigoted comment is always, "first amendment right . . ." and then "the constitution says . . " Her concern is with Federal, not local issues as is obvious from last night. I am personally sick of the "holier than thou" condescending attitude.