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Friday, December 23, 2011

Fleming does a Howrylak!

Tom Krent waxes on Troy Councilman Fleming's none-too-subtle killing off of the transit center on Monday

Fleming wants the power to be the decider, PERIOD. 
The City did their careful work and obtained the necessary funding ($8,485,212) for a fully functional transit center. 
Fleming came up with an arbitrary budget of $5,000,000, then later $6,000,000 after Slater offered $7.88 million after listening to the architect. The $6 million is 30% less than the amount needed to build the project properly. It only tells me that Fleming wanted the project to fail from the start, but he wanted it to appear like he had a solution. 
He constructed a soap opera scene that could only fail. Maureen did a beautiful job of taking Fleming's plan apart and explained why it would fail because if the costs exceeded $6 million the City would be responsible for any additional costs. 
But, it never would have been responsible because the grant is $8,485,212. Fleming imposed an arbitrary and unrealistic number that could only fail. Slater tried to come up with a reasonable and logical plan, but Fleming rejected it. 
The bottom line is that Troy could have build the Transit Center at no cost to the City, but Fleming wrote a script that imposed an unrealistic budget and caused it to fail. To the uneducated, Fleming looked like he was trying to make it work. I've seen Fleming do his story telling (as opposed to problem solving) many times. That's just the way he is. He's a REAL (in the worse sense of the word) politician. 
Fleming asked to hear from the business community, and probably to his surprise, he did hear. Every business that contacted the City Council was in favor of the Transit Center. There were at least 50 of them at the Council meeting (Meritor, Beaumont Hospital, etc.). But, Fleming wasn't moved. He said he wanted to hear the direct benefits for each company. Slater said that 90% of the emails he received were in favor of the Transit Center. 
Bottom line: Fleming talks out of both sides of his mouth. He says "I'm in favor of it", but he voted against it.


  1. This is reminiscent of the Howrylak/Fleming last minute revised budget Resolution. Martin shared it with Wade and no one else who said he agreed with it even though he received it just before the meeting. Had Wade been at all serious with the 5/6 Mil, he would have offered the analysis done by his "professionals" well before the meeting so the City's consultants could have analyzed it and done the required value engineering before the meeting.

    And then, when the consultant offered to see if 6 mil would work, Wade was silent regarding postponing the vote for a few days to see if the 6 would work.

  2. The man knows his days on this council are dwindling. He ihas his focus, interests and funding set on another focal point. Which most probablly, is not within the city limits. Pawns and puppets are moved by the power of others.

  3. What further confuses me is that in September, 2011, he voted to approve it.  Why the change in heart?

    He said that this project has creeped in price all along.  However, that didn't matter in September?

    I would like the names of the architects, engineers, companies, etc. that gave him that figure and what they based it on. He owes that much to his constituents, at minimum.

  4. If Wade Fleming thinks he is going to win Marty Knollenberg's State House seat next year, he has another thing coming. To use a southern idiom that I am sure he knows, "you lie down with get fleas." I hope the citizens/voters of Troy give him a major rash. I think he thinks TCU is going to help him get that seat and he has sold his soul to get it. He is so transparent it is sickening.