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Friday, December 9, 2011

Detroit News: It would be a mistake for Troy to reject a long-planned Amtrak station and transit center.

The editorial ends this way:
Mayor Daniels, who follows fiscally frugal tea party ideals, rightly questions whether the debt-ridden federal government can afford to be handing out money for such projects. It's also true that Troy has more basic needs.
Unfortunately, refusing the money would do nothing to resolve either of those issues. As far as Washington is concerned, the money's already appropriated.
It simply will go to a transit project in another city and state if Troy backs out.
Snyder has a logical outlook on such matters: Do what's best for Michigan and leave Washington's money woes to our federally elected leaders.
So the Detroit News conservative editorial board respects Daniels' ideology, but STILL thinks she's wrong to turn down the money.
The problem is, Ms. Daniels has no interest in what's good for Troy NOR logic. It's just about her anti-federal government ideology. Please read the editorial.

Editorial: Troy should build new train station
Federal funds for project are already appropriated; station could serve additional transit needs
Like a lot of Michigan cities, Troy is under pressure from citizens to hold the line on taxes while decreased real estate values and state revenue sharing have shrunk the tax base. But even under those circumstances, it would be a mistake for Troy to reject a long-planned Amtrak station and transit center.Construction of the transportation center would be fully funded by nearly $8.5 million in federal money. This is a freebie that would bring back $8.5 million more of the tax dollars that Michigan — and Oakland County in particular — send to Washington, D.C. without getting a full return.
Troy's possible change of heart is more likely the result of regime change. New Mayor Janice Daniels and at least a couple of council members aren't fond of the project, which has had its ups and downs.
They're suspicious of past decision-making and note that the sprawling Oakland County community of 80,000 has more pressing needs. A long council meeting this week resulted in no final decision, except to invite added public discussion. And before the council green-lights this project, that could be beneficial.
The proposed "multi-modal transit center," at the Maple Road-Coolidge Highway intersection, was one suggestion from a citizen-business leader task force in 2005.
Troy had obtained a triangular parcel for it five years earlier in a settlement that permitted a developer to go ahead with a 77-acre mixed-use project including stores and condominiums in the same area.
The parcel is just across the tracks from Birmingham's Amtrak stop, which consists of little more than a boarding platform and a few parking spaces. Officials of the two cities agreed to build a train station in Troy with a tunnel connection to the boarding platform and some added facilities for other public transportation, including taxis and buses.
Birmingham pulled out of the deal earlier this year when it couldn't get added property at a reasonable price.
Read more here.


  1. Daniels was elected to represent what is best for Troy, not what she thinks the federal government should do for our country. She does not have the mental capacity to make decisions at the federal level and now I question her ability to make decisions at the local city level.

  2. I predict another shit storm in Troy as Janice Daniels imposes her Tea Party ideology about the transit center on not only the City of Troy but on the State of Michigan mass transit on a national level. This money has already been appropriated and giving it back to the federal government would only be a drop in the bucket if it doesn't go to another project elsewhere in the United States. Clearly, all this posturing is about Janice positioning herself as the next Tea Party queen. I also wonder if any of the out-of-town campaign money she got came from people/organizations who want to kill mass transit and other federally funded projects.

    And I'm sure when Troy gets its first measurable snowfall, we'll hear another round of people venting at the city about less-than-desirable snow/ice removal. Louise Schilling and Mary Kerwin may no longer be on council to advocate for dedicated funding for street maintenance, but I wonder if Janice will find some kind of hidden pile of money that she and her TCU (Troy Clowns United) buddies are always talking about.