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Thursday, December 29, 2011

David Wisz's presentation to Troy council


  1. Shame on Janice Daniels and shame on the Bar Association for electing this man to any position.

  2. Why was he booed when he revealed that the supporters of this transit center are supporters of the occupy wallstreet people? That is a fact and unless you're ashamed of certain facts, they need to be shared and shouldn't be booed. This should have been an "ah, I get it" moment. Mr Wisz actually researched this (to have an educated opinion) and pointed it out. Great job. And the other issue I have: when the American population rises, and the number of mass transit users fall dramatically, obviously this transit center is not forward thinking or even practical for needs right now. Repave the road. WHO WOULD VOTE FOR THIS?? Anyways if you vote for this transit center (I think you will, you were ignorant enough 3 years ago to vote Obama in), fine. Prove that engineer/attorney guy right.

  3. His data is TOTALLY false. If you build it THEY will come! What a moron! Private and public studies show that for $1 invested in mass transit you will get $8 in return in investments. He's obviously never been to Chicago, NYC, Boston, DC, EUROPE. What a small minded isolationist and completely wrong in all his facts. He should talk to any Urban Planner, he is so ridiculously wrong it makes me sick. Mass transit is cheaper, much safer and cleaner to operate. It is the MOST effective way of getting a large amount of people from one urban center to another. I wonder if Mr. Wisz realizes Troy is in one the most heavily urbanized areas in America. The 9th biggest metropolitan region. Read further on my blog about the true facts of public transit. Oh, and SMART ridership has gone up on average 3% every year since 2006. Read more at about public transit.