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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Charlie Langton: Janice Daniels Advances Gay Causes…Whether She Wanted To Or Not!

from CBS Local

Even Charlie Langton doesn't believe Janice Daniels is sincere.

Newly elected mayor of Troy, Janice Daniels, used the word “queer” in a Facebook posting in which she explained her opposition to gay marriage in New York. Although she has apologized for the use of that word, many don’t believe her sincerity. In interviewing her, I hope she is sincere. She does want to move away from this topic but it won’t happen. In fact, she may have advanced the acceptance of gays in this area.
Months ago, before she was a candidate for office, she posted this on her Facebook page: “I think I’m going to throw away my I Love New York carrying bag now that queers can get married there.” When it was recently uncovered, she first defended the post by saying, “I believe in one man one woman for marriage” and then she became defiant saying, “It’s only a word.”
It wasn’t until she went on my radio show that she apologized for the remark, but the apology was superficial. For example, she equated the slur as being a “poke in the eye” and said her post was a joke, a silly thing, and without taking a breath, said “and by the way, I love being the mayor of Troy.”
Mayor, you need to show that you truly care. I’m not feeling it. Nevertheless, you started a discussion that is long overdue.

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  1. I have a new respect for Charlie.

  2. Of course Janice isn't sincere!

    I was at the council meeting, I watched her reactions to the countless stories telling her that her words hurt!

    At no point did she seem genuinely moved!

    She simply said that she's asked for forgiveness from God! Did she even contemplate asking for forgiveness to the people of Troy?

    On Janice's campaign literature, she promised to respect "all residents" and express "integrity in communication"!

    Do you know why it only took three weeks for Janice to break her promises?

    Because she was never sincere in the first place!

  3. What has she done wrong since taking office?

  4. Anon...
    Besides marginalizing entire groups of her electorate, belittling the entire gay community of the universe, embarrassing the whole city, causing Troy to forfeit countless dollars of revenue?

    Or isn't that enough?

  5. charlie langton is one of them...he donated money to the campaign of Doug Tietz in the 2009 election

  6. Sue, you forgot the following: excluding the City Charter from the oath of office and then calling the City Charter a "whimsical" document.

  7. It just goes to show you who the truly intolerant and bigoted people are...the gay leftists calling for her resignation. She apologized AND asked for forgiveness yet they refused it. Once someone asks for forgiveness, you must extend it. God has forgiven you a massive debt, you MUST forgive others' minor sin debt. I say spend all you money in Troy this Christmas season! :-)

  8. She asked forgiveness from God, but she eliminated "so help me God" from the oath of office.

  9. So, the mayor can say terrible things, give a half-hearted politician's I-got-caught apology, and forgiveness MUST be granted by the people that she hurt? Actions speak louder than words. If she took actions to show that she was sorry, perhaps it wouldn't be so difficult to forgive.