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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Channel 4 opinion poll: City of Troy residents weigh in on Mayor Janice Daniels

Well, now we know where the poll came from. Channel 4 WDIV conducted this poll among Troy citizens.
The results are:
  • 94.7% of voters say they have heard about the Facebook controversy
  • 23% of Troy voters view the mayor favorably
  • 41.4% view her unfavorably
  • 37% of Troy voters believe Daniels should resign from her position as mayor
  • 49.7% of the 300 voters polled say Daniels should remain mayor.
From WDIV:
Troy, Mich. - Troy Mayor Janice Daniels has been under fire for a Facebook post with a controversial statement that many consider anti-gay.
The page has since been deleted and Daniels has apologized, but some community members are still not supporting her. Mayor Daniels has faced calls for her resignation.
Exclusive results of a Local 4/Detroit News poll show how the community views the controversy. The Glengariff Group, Inc. conducted a phone poll of 300 Troy voters, asking them specific questions about Mayor Daniels.
To see the video and read more go here


  1. I wish they had called me. No one I know got that call. Too bad they didn't inquire as to what people thought of her judgement to date and whether they felt she could be trusted to make good judgements in the future. Also, did they feel her extreme ideology was influencing her judgement. Or even what they thought about her gunning to kill the transit center. There is much to explore here before it is too late for Troy.

  2. Daniels will from this point forward, always have words like, "embattled, "embroiled in controversy," "controversial," "exposed on facebook" etc., surrounding her name in any and every article about Troy.

    This is a black mark, a stain on our city that will not go away until she does. It will chase away homebuyers, people of color, businesses, you name it.

    This is why she has to resign. But she is too into herself to ever think of anyone else...her gay slur is just proof of her lack of empathy.