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Monday, December 5, 2011

At the city council meeting

72 people are signed up to speak.
This is the Education of Miss Janice Daniels!
The crowd is very much against her and are demanding her resignation.


  1. I am so proud of the students of this city! The are intelligent, well-spoken and could teach our mayor a thing or two. She insults their intelligence when she tells them it was only one word that they didn't like. Very patronizing. Thank you students! You inspire us all. We hope that you don't leave our city for other places. We need your energy, leadership and forward thinking.

  2. I'm from Connecticut and think it's great what they are doing...I believe in forgiveness for those who are sorry for their actions, but after hearing her it's obvious she's not sorry...

  3. Looking back at how Janice Daniels got behind a podium to rip on the mayor, city council and city administration, it looks as if she got a brutal lesson in the power of karma. Running a city isn't as easy as it looks from the other side of the council table, is it?