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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Ann Coulter as Janice Daniels' idol

from an Oakland Press article:
“I think Ann Coulter sets the standard for citizen activism,” said Janice Daniels, a Troy resident who’s active with the Troy Tea Party. “She’s brilliant, she’s lovely, and she has a sense of self that’s admirable. We have to speak the truth no matter what the cost.”
No matter what the cost to whom? 


  1. Janice Daniels obviously is incapable of empathy, unable to view things objectively and is hell-bent on running her agenda, regardless of whether or not it's beneficial to the city's residents. My sympathies go to the residents of Troy which voted against this tool and how she'll ruin your city. Ann Coulter is also a self-centered, acid spewing, venomous sensationalist hack. Are those admirable qualities, too?

  2. Of course Janice worships Ann Coulter. Because ignorance is comforted by ignorance.