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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

"Accolades" from Ferndale

From a blog down under...down under I-696, that is...

Thanks to Gabe Downey for a great essay in his blog From The Looney Bin

Out of Touch, Out of Time
by Gabe Downey 
The biggest flaw in American history is that we constantly defy one of the main ideas on which we were founded. The story goes that supposedly religious freedom-seekers arrived on these shores to escape the persecution of those who chastised them for believing something that the masses didn’t believe. Here, they would create a nation built on the pillars of tolerance and acceptance where people could live free from the kind of treatment they had to endure, way over the pond, so many years ago.  
What a big bunch of horse shit.
American history is so full of intolerance and hatred it’s almost as if the American pastime isn’t Major League Baseball, but Major League Bigotry (hey, at least we get to keep the initials). We as a nation have ostracized and killed the people who looked differently or believed differently than we do since the minute those buckle-wearing thanksgivers got off the boat. First it was the Native Americans, than the African Americans (who were still Africans at that time), and we can’t forget women, Jews, and even people whom we thought might possess witch-like powers. Jesus, could we have been any more ridiculous? 
The only nice thing about any of these horrific stains on our flag is that it gave many brave and right-minded people the chance to do the right thing. Whatever tragedy of human rights and tolerance came up, there were always people, a small minority at first, eventually growing into a vast majority, who decided enough was enough and they put their time and efforts into fighting for the just side. Whatever prejudice the American mind has thought up throughout our rocky history, someone with a smarter American mind has helped eliminate and reverse. That is a true American virtue. Union soldiers are true Americans. Suffragettes are true Americans. Those who marched for civil rights are true Americans. 
Janice Daniels is not. 
Who is Janice Daniels? She’s the mayor of Troy. And a couple of weeks ago it came out that she made a derogatory comment on her Facebook page about gay marriage and New York City. Presumably to show off her vast vocabulary and good judgement, she even used a slur to refer to homosexuals. When it comes down to it, Janice Daniels is stupid. She is stupid for feeling the way she does and she is stupid for posting it on Facebook, especially as a public servant, and not thinking that maybe it will upset people. 
Regardless of how many times she apologizes or tries to explain, the facts are really quite simple. This is how Janice Daniels really feels about homosexuals. She’s a bigot. She didn’t think posting something like that on Facebook was a big deal because, to her, the whole issue isn’t a big deal. She doesn’t see that it’s wrong to be a bigot. And that’s what she is. Janice Daniels is a bigot. And she’s the mayor of Troy, Michigan. This is who the people of Troy elected. This is what happens when you vote for the Tea Party instead of voting for someone who has an idea of what they are doing. 
The sad thing is Troy is a vibrant and diverse community. There are smart people all over the place. Hell, I know first hand there are even some really smart people on the city council who have to endure sitting next to Janice Daniels. They don’t deserve this backlash. They don’t deserve this stupidity. But this is what happens when people aren’t responsible. This is what happens when you elect a bigot who doesn’t understand the “social” aspect of social media. When she apologizes, she’s not sorry for saying what she said, she’s sorry for being caught saying what she really feels. She should be recalled on IQ alone. 
Janice Daniels should be removed from office, and I believe she will be (probably voluntarily). Everyday that she wields the power of mayor, we show the rest of the country and the world that hating Gay and Lesbian people is still okay in this state. Why can’t we learn from our past? Why can’t we be the generation of the majority who takes a stand and says, “this is not okay”? Why are we doomed to repeat the same mistakes? Unfortunately, and truthfully, if she had made this comment about Jews or African Americans, she would have been out of office a long time ago. It’s our society’s tolerance of this public bigotry and hatred of homosexuals that is shocking and unacceptable. Gay and Lesbians are the last group that it is okay to hate out in the open and this whole fiasco is proof. We’re repeating the same pattern yet again and it’s tragic. 
People are allowed to believe what they want to believe. But when you can’t express your feelings without using a slur against a group of people, you’re a bigot. Janice Daniels is a bigot and she’s the mayor of Troy. What an embarrassment.


  1. In all fairness, Janice Daniels posted that slur on Facebook before she became mayor. But that doesn't excuse her for using the slur in the first place, nor does it excuse her for not apologizing for expressing herself in a way that demeaned others with no acknowledgment/realization of how hurtful her words were. She is a disgrace.

  2. She wrote an op ed piece for the Oakland Press in which she seemed to think someone (Big Brother?) thought of her as a terrorist. She seems delusional.

  3. Yes, she did post it before she was Mayor, but one has to assume she knew she would be running, or, she should be smart enough to at least take it down right? Wrong. She's outlandishly out of touch with the real world.

  4. And she waited 48 hours to take it down after it went viral. She was not ashamed. I believe as part of her apology 3 days after the story broke, she said that she didn't apologize right away because she thought it would go away and that she only apologized because it had become such a big deal. Oh, the sincerity of this woman. Kind of like her spending a year and a half trying to close the library and then pretending to be the library candidate this past October.

  5. Janice Daniels surrounds herself with other bigoted Tea Party folks. As was to be expected she and her pals scream about their own first amendment rights. Just because Congress makes no law abridging the freedom of speech, doesnt make what she said okay. Just because she offered a fake apology doesnt change who she is and what she is about. For all of the people who voted for her, as she deconstructs all of the things that make Troy a great city, I leave you with a question, "You passed up Robin Beltramini for THAT?"